Photographed by Ana Kamin for Lonny.
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Wonder who's behind all the visual narratives from Facebook that appear at the top of your News Feed during important cultural moments? It's Rachel Gogel, the social platform's newest Creative Director. The French designer got into the tech game after years working as Design Director of GQ and Creative Director of The New York Times' T Brand Studio. She also was on Forbes' 30 Under 30 List and got her gig at GQ when she was only 23. What a #girlboss.

After years in NYC, Gogel moved to San Francisco last October and has made a home in her Noe Valley apartment. 

"What’s funny is over time when I told friends that I was moving here they said they saw me organically fitting into the California scene," says Gogel. "I feel like I’ve been able to embrace the nature and the laid-back lifestyle."

Living without roommates for the first time, the creative director has curated a gorgeous collection of Cali-cool furniture and copious amounts of art to fill her home. After seeing the amazing space, we knew we had to find out the story behind her design.