Point/Counterpoint: Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

Lonny Editorial Coordinator Sarah Jean Shelton and Photo Editor Genevieve Garruppo face off on trendy foliage.

Sarah Jean Shelton 4:06 PM
What could you possibly have against the house plant to end all house plants? Do tell.

Genevieve Garruppo 4:06 PM
We've seen this thing over and over in our archives for the past 5 years and I just can't bear it anymore. (Just look at this slideshow of every fiddle leaf fig that's ever appeared in Lonny!) Aside from foliage overload, my biggest issue can be seen in this photo. Full disclosure: I LOVE this house, but look at this crazy looking plant taking over the room:

Point/Counterpoint: Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

Sarah Jean Shelton 4:07 PM
Crazy? Look at those lines. The curve. The exotic air. That's the beauty of this tree: It's an affordable slice of the tropics right in your own home—wonky branches and all.

Genevieve Garruppo 4:07 PM
You need fishing line to keep it from clotheslining your guests!

Sarah Jean Shelton 4:08 PM
Not all of them get all gangly like that. Check out these stately beauties…in a perfectly manicured home, these guys bring in some much-needed looseness.

Point/Counterpoint: Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

Genevieve Garruppo 4:09 PM
Well those are some beauts. But give it a few years, (if you  haven't killed it), and they're gonna get cray. What about a bushy palm?! I know you Florida girls loves the palms.

Point/Counterpoint: Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

Sarah Jean Shelton 4:09 PM
Low blow. You know I can't say no to a palm...and I know you can't either. I've seen your bedroom, ahem, greenhouse, G of the Jungle.

Genevieve Garruppo 4:10 PM
It's true. But the fiddler is hard to take care of too, unlike my good 'ol succulents. 

Sarah Jean Shelton 4:12 PM
Oh man, the succulent, the gift that keeps on giving. Here's a definitive fig pro: It's incredibly versatile! Check out how this one vibes with a minimalist-boho space. 

Point/Counterpoint: Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

Sarah Jean Shelton 4:13 PM
And then it can go totally trad! Like here in Alexis Swanson Traina's compound in Napa:

Point/Counterpoint: Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

Genevieve Garruppo 4:14 PM
I mean, I will say, I love the shape of the leaf, but those are some carefully manicured specimens, and in spaces with tall ceilings and plenty of light.

Sarah Jean Shelton 4:16 PM
It's true they can be a little finicky. I like to think of the fiddle leaf as the gateway drug to more sophisticated, under-the-radar plants. So, miss gardener, what's your answer to the fig tree? What should we be pinning and pining for? Let's spread the word! Let's start the wave!

Genevieve Garruppo 4:18 PM
Now this I've got—it's ferns! More lushness and, depending how you display or hang them, still plenty of height. Check out this one from Kate Arends's Instagram.

Point/Counterpoint: Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

Genevieve Garruppo 4:18 PM
And no fishing line! Although they can be difficult to maintain, a little Google power never hurt nobody.  Keep them misted and they'll be great. 

Sarah Jean Shelton 4:19 PM
Now that, I can get down with. You heard it hear first, people, big fuzzy floppy ferns are the next fiddle leaf fig. 

Genevieve Garruppo 4:19 PM 
On that note we are over and out!

 Sarah Jean Shelton 4:20 PM
On that note, I'm going to go water my succulent...#figginout


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