A New Old Way To Organize A Bookshelf

(Lonny / Genevieve Garruppo)
Something has been driving me insane for years, and I've chosen this lovely day to finally break my silence about it. For basically my entire professional life, every design-minded person I know has suggested that I arrange my book collection by color. I suppose shelves organized this way look pretty in that totally styled sort of way. And maybe it's true when all of those designers say they're "visual people" and remember the exact color and shade of every book they own.

(Lonny / Patrick Cline)
I can tell you that I have a pretty phenomenal memory, but I would never organize my shelf by color. Not only is it an affront to every school librarian I've ever known (I got your back, Mrs. Frost), but it just doesn't make sense to me over alphabetical organization. Because if you think about it, is it really that hard to remember "Salinger" over "red-and-white"? And, personally, I sort of like the less matchy-matchy look.

But, in the end, I say to each his own. If you like color-blocked bookshelves, then knock yourself out. And if you don't? Just know you're not alone!

(Lonny / Patrick Cline)
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