Photographed by Nicole Gerulat for AllModern.
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Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson is making moves. Now that her show has ended after seven seasons, the actress picked up a two-bedroom apartment in NYC for a new beginning.

"I liked the idea of being downtown," shares Benson. "What I like best about NYC is that by 11 a.m., I have had interactions with so many people, just crossing the street, ordering my coffee, talking to the people at my building. We are isolated in our cars in L.A. and it is so refreshing in NY to make connections with people in your little borough of the city."

While Benson already came to love her neighborhood, she wanted her apartment to have a fun spirit to match. “I wanted it to feel feminine and youthful. I had just finished working on PLL for so many years and it was really bittersweet to see that end,” she explains. “So I wanted the space to be cheery and happy for the next chapter.”

So, the actress partnered up with AllModern and interior designer Nicole Gordon to create an amazing space peppered with modern eclectic elements and glam finishes to create a home all her own. Read ahead to take a look (and shop!) her gorgeous new digs.