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Stars, they're just like us! Well, sort of. Though your favorite celebrities might have millions of Instagram followers and extra padded bank accounts, we're not that different from our A-List idols. Like us, many of them love IKEA,lounging by the pool on a lazy Sunday, and jetting off to faraway places.

The only difference is these A-Listers aren't scouring Airbnb for the best deals. Instead, many stars have taken their passion for travel to the next level by buying their homes in their favorite places.

Unlike your family's condo on Lake Michigan or that Hamptons house you and your friends are renting this summer, these celebrities are laying their roots in countries like France, Spain, and Australia. In fact, some famous faces have even purchased their very own islands. 

Have a case of wanderlust? We're taking you around the world with these 25 internationally acclaimed celebrity houses — no passport required.