Lonny's Most-Pinned Baths: Lilly Bunn Weekes

This petite powder room—designed by Lilly Bunn Weekes (see a crowd-pleasing kitchen by the designer here) for her renovation of a family apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan—packs plenty of punch. A long-standing hit with Lonny readers, the diminutive space possesses plenty of artistic panache. Here's what makes it work.
(Photo: Patrick Cline/Lonny)

1. Eye-popping splatter-print wallpaper sets the tone, layering in a fizzy atmosphere that forms a dynamic backdrop for the scene. Above it, the gold-painted ceiling (reflected in the mirror) and its elegant crown molding cap the composition with a dollop of glam.

2. Red-lacquered lampshades snap the space into vibrant life. The boldest bit of color in the room, they draw the eye and ground the overall composition.

3. Rectangular accents—the mirror and the framed artwork, amplified by the angles of the sconces’ hardware—add depth and focus. They are landing spots that beckon the eye, opening up new vistas of visual complexity.

This image makes a good case for big design in a small space. So plan your powder room with special occasions in mind, utilizing bold pattern, daring color, and carefully selected accents—all judiciously proportioned to taste.
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