Lonny's Top Kitchen Trends of 2014

There’s always something brewing in the kitchen—and these five design trends are certainly getting their moment in the sun. Here's what we're loving this year.

1. Open shelving 
The pros: simple, clean design; optimal use of light; lower cost than cabinetry. The cons: objects on open shelves attract grease and dust, and must be well maintained because they’re always on view. But if you love the look, why not split the difference? Use some open shelves—reserved for things that see action (and detergent!) every day, plus just a few objets for panache and color—and house the rest of your gear within closed cupboards. Below, one example, from the residence of Ari Heckman in Sag Harbor, New York.

(Source: Patrick Cline/Lonny)

2. Hits of color and pattern 
The clean white kitchen is here to stay, but lately more stylesetters are adding vivid touches for verve and personality. Here, in a Minneapolis project by Lisa Sherry Interieurs, the bright-yellow dishwasher panel, orange-upholstered chair, and cheery multicolored skirt on the round island safely inoculate it against a case of the blands.

(Source: Patrick Cline/Lonny)

3. Worktables with four legs 
Are we slowly transitioning out of island time? Blogger Leslie Clagett of KB Culture—who notes trends toward “furniture-type islands and the minimizing of appliances’ appearance”—sees a nascent move “away from the open-plan kitchen.” Stay tuned.

4. Copper and brass hardware
Metals are gaining ground. In this image, for example, the L.A. design couple Hammer and Spear enlisted copper tubing from Home Depot and crafted it into gleaming (open!) shelving. The warm metal also makes an appearance amid their collection of kitchen accessories.

(Source: Jessica Sample/Lonny)

5. Marble slabs
Score another one for Mother Nature, as marble makes major inroads not only as a surface material, but as a dominant visual element. The beautifully veined surface of these striking stone masterpieces takes center stage below in this image of the kitchen at artists Brice and Helen Marden's family home on the Greek island of Hydra.

(Source: Ingalls Photography/Lonny)
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