The Lonny Trials: I Tried The Rolls Royce Of Air Purifiers

Clean air never looked so good.

The Lonny Trials: I Tried The Rolls Royce Of Air Purifiers
Courtesy of Molekule.

I’ve always prided myself on possessing an immune system impervious to illness. I rarely get sick (knock on wood) and am fairly resistant to allergies. My boyfriend, however, is a whole different story. I often walk into a room to find him in a fit of consecutive sneezes. He stays home from work due to violent allergies or migraines at least a few times per month, and gets ill as easily as someone three times his age. So when I came across an ad for Molekule, the $800 air purifier that looks like it belongs in the MoMA Design Store (and is of course actually sold there), I wondered whether this shiny, silver beauty could put an end to my S.O.’s sleepless nights and sick days.

Not only is the Molekule a beautiful addition to any home, but also it touts over two decades of research and legitimate science behind its technological design. The idea is that it uses Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO) to eradicate indoor air pollution at the molecular level, claiming to be able to kill pollutants 1000 times smaller than your standard air filter. That all sounds very impressive, and when you factor in the real life testimonials from real life people suffering from allergies to asthma, it makes a pretty good case for anyone looking to purify her home.

The Lonny Trials: I Tried The Rolls Royce Of Air Purifiers
Courtesy of Molekule.

When I pulled the Molekule out of the box, I was impressed by its sleek appearance and overall weightiness. It felt like a substantial machine ready to capture and defeat the millions of tiny rogue chemicals and pollutants swarming around my apartment. It was easy to set up and went to work immediately (and quietly), starting its initial clean of the space.

The toxin killer also comes with a free downloadable app that looks just as pretty as the device itself. The app allows you to control the settings from your phone, as well as, learn about the most common pollutants lurking around you. While I hoped the app would do a little more than just assure me that the Molekule was working, like tell me exactly what pollutants were in my air and how good or bad the air quality was, I appreciated the ease and design of it.

After four weeks of using the Molekule, my boyfriend had significantly fewer sneezing attacks in our apartment, he experienced the effects of his allergies less in the mornings, and felt clearer overall while at home. Moreover, I was testing the Molekule in my San Francisco apartment during the weeks of the Napa fires when the air was barely breathable and people were walking around outside with filtered face masks. The comfort of knowing that I had a powerful air purifier running in my apartment while my dog, boyfriend, and I were at home, was invaluable. I would have loved for everyone in Northern California to be so privileged as to have had this during that time.

Throughout those few weeks I realized how much I take clean air for granted. As someone without allergies or asthma who lives in a relatively low-polluted city, the purity of the air I’m breathing in is not something I think about often. However, after briefly living with very unclean outdoor air and after seeing the change in my S.O. since using Molekule for a short period, I can now say that I have a better understanding of what a privilege it is to live in a clean environment.

So for those suffering from near-debilitating allergies or asthma who can afford to cough up $800, the Molekule will provide the reassurance of hygienic and cleansed air, while also serving some major eye candy. Its beautiful design, barely audible sound, and high-tech proclamations make it a top contender in the world of air purifiers and not one to pass over.

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