Lonny Photography Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to Maggie Leyes, the winner of our photography giveaway! It was a difficult decision, but we absolutely loved her design tip on “shopping” the home:

“Everyone has so many tchotchkes—things we collect, love, and want to keep. But displaying them all at once makes for visual chaos. My solution: I’ve turned the trunk that acts as a sofa side table into my rotating store. I keep a portion of my small collectibles in there, and when I need a visual change or want to look at my favorites that have been packed away for awhile, I ‘shop’ my trunk, pull out some ‘new’ things, and pack away others.”

Thank you to everyone who participated; we were so inspired by the wealth of savvy feedback! Here are our three favorite runners-up:

Gilles Charette: “When I’m looking around a room and something doesn’t seem quite right, it’s often the lighting (or lack thereof). Aside from accessories, lighting is often the most overlooked component of a room. Most people can stand to at least double the number of table and floor lamps in their spaces (you really can’t have too many lamps). I love finding great lamp bases at secondhand shops; they’re easy to rewire and, with a new shade, you get a unique lamp, often at a fraction of the cost of a new one. Beautiful and eco-conscious, too!”

Kerrie Keegan: “For small, plain rooms, go big on drapes. Hang ’em high (above the actual windows—almost to the ceiling), and don’t be afraid to let them extend the entire length of the wall, beyond the actual windows, for a dramatic yet ‘finished’ look.”

Candace Baitz: “I love the look of wallpaper, but I change my mind so often that I instead achieve the look through paint. I used the glossy and the flat version of the same color of paint in a striped pattern, and no one can believe it’s not wallpaper! It is quite easy to do!”

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