George Briard Glassware

Russian-born Jascha Brojdo, better known as George Briard, began his career as a glassware designer by hand-painting metal serving trays. With the help of a friend and fellow student from the Art Institute of Chicago, this former World War II Army interpreter soon became a commercial success, selling his wares at department stores such as Neiman Marcus and Bonwit Teller.

These glass designs date back to the mid-twentieth century, but they're still incredibly chic today and would fit seamlessly with any contemporary bar vignette. We absolutely love the cheeky tuxedo glasses and think the mosaic gold and turquoise glasses are perfect for springtime cocktails.

Although Briard died in 2005, Etsy is a treasure trove of his vintage glassware. Here's a roundup of our favorite sets. Cheers!

1. Double Old-Fashioned Cocktail Glasses; $24, Shaynaxena Shop, Etsy | 2. Mid-Century Glasses; $35, Nachokitty Shop, Etsy | 3.Tuxedo Rocks Cocktail Glasses; $19, Chictrezures Shop, Etsy | 4. Vintage Hiball Glasses; $32, Babylonsisters | 5. George Briard Tumblers; $25, Kitschcafe Shop, Etsy | 6. Clear Glass Bowls with Gold Leaf Vintage Design; $12.50, CollageCuriosities Shop, Etsy | 7. Woven Rattan Motif Hiball Glasses; $22, Thankhugh Shop, Etsy |

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