Art Lesson: Kate Long Stevenson

According to artist Kate Long Stevenson, music serves as a locus of inspiration. She uses it as a point of departure for her work, translating tempo and energy into color and composition. Thus, each of her abstract expressionist paintings functions as an interpretation of what she’s been listening to. Stevenson’s large-scale abstracts pay tribute to Willem de Kooning, an artist she counts among her favorites. We just can’t get enough of the soft palettes and subtle nuances of color in her work.

1. "Beethoven II," 48X48; $4600 | 2. "Untitled III," 9X12; $850 | 3. "Leaps and Bounds," 30X60; $4300 | 4. "Vivaldi," 36X36; $2900 | 5. "Planes," 30x40; $2800 | 6. "Azzurine," 24X36; $2400 | 7. "Keys," 36X60; $4600 |

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