Lonny Editors' Home Playlist Volume Two

Easy-listening made just for you.

Let's cut to the chase — our to-do lists are growing and our productivity levels are dwindling. When there's a lot to get done and little steam in our engines, we turn to our playlists. Whether oldies or new hits, tunes tend to cast a spell of *mood changes* on us, breaking us out of sleepiness (it is Monday, after all) and shedding light on an entirely different energy. 

We've rounded up our easy-listening favorites — songs that make us feel good, calm, ready to go, and perhaps a tad nostalgic. This month, we're saying enough with the love songs. Instead, we're committing to the feel-good classics and a few newer hits. Enjoy. 

Shelby Wax, Associate Editor

"Alaska" by Maggie Rogers: "If you want a song that can inspire you to just breathe, let go, and power on towards your goals, you have to give this a listen. There’s also a 99.9% chance it will make you start dancing." 

"Good As Hell" by Lizzo: "This is another one of my anthems for 2018. Lizzo’s lyrics make you proud of who you are and give you an automatic dose of empowerment. Plus, it’s good as hell."

Megan O'Sullivan, Associate Editor

"May I have This Dance" (remix) by Francis And the Lights Feat. Chance The Rapper: "This one is by no means a new release, but it’s all I ever want to listen to for a good ole dance-around-the-living room evening." 

"You" by Morgan Saint: "A daydreaming song, this tune is perfect for slow Sundays or post-workout relaxation at home."

Angela Tafoya, Managing Editor

“Dock Of The Bay” by Otis Redding: "San Francisco’s anthem — these warmer days are begging me to blast this tune and remind me why I fell in love with the city by the Bay."

“Gypsy” by Fleetwood Mac: "What is a road trip without any Fleetwood Mac blaring out the speakers? Hello, spring break adventures."

Briana Gagnier, Senior Designer

"Dreams" by The Cranberries: "The ultimate ‘90s love song. Since the recent and sudden death of the lead singer, Dolores O’Riordan, I’ve had their albums on repeat, and you should too." 

"Sea of Love" by Phil Phillips: "This song is such a perfect oldies ballad. It will make you want to hold the person you love even closer." 

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