St. Frank's Limited Edition Pillows Make A Statement

We're digging this collab with Lingua Franca.

St. Frank's Limited Edition Pillows Make A Statement
Lonny; via @stfranktextiles.

Want to find decor that really speaks to you? Well St. Frank just released a new line of pillows in collaboration with the cool girl sweater brand Lingua Franca. "I’m super excited that we’re collaborating with Lingua Franca on limited edition pillows," said St. Frank founder Christina Bryant on Instagram. "If you aren’t familiar with this brand, they are known for their cashmere sweaters all hand embroidered with hip hop lyrics and resistance phrases. We’re combining their movement-making embroideries with our indigo pillows for a fresh take on the old needlepoint pillow and making a statement to boot."

The line will exclusively be found sold at the brand's East Hampton pop-up until Labor Day. However if you can't make it to the store, custom orders can be placed through 

St. Frank's Limited Edition Pillows Make A Statement
via @stfranktextiles.

Psst... If you want to save on some of St. Frank's cool curiosities, the store currently offering 20% off online until July 4!

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