So You Broke Up — How To Resettle Your Home For Single Living

Your guide to making a space just for you.

So You Broke Up — How To Resettle Your Home For Single Living
Photographed by Genevieve Garruppo.

We're not going to skirt it — breakups are really hard. You're already going through a variety of emotions. Add in your ex moving out of your home, and the entire experience can be super jarring. While we might not be able to bring you into the "thank u, next" stage of your relationship, we can give you a little guidance on how to make your space feel fresh and like your own again. For some help, we called on our friends at Mend, the breakup app dedicated to giving you self care through the process, to give us their expert advice.

"Reclaiming your space after a breakup is an important milestone, and it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg,” says Elle Huerta, CEO and founder of Mend. “Of course, you can do things that may be expensive (like buying new bedding or furniture) if you have some room in your budget, but you can also do small things that make a big impact.”

Clear The Clutter

“First, I recommend doing a sweep of anything that reminds you of your ex and temporarily storing it in a box where you won't have access to it easily,” recommends Huerta. “This will give you a much-needed mental break. I also recommend re-arranging your existing furniture so that your space feels fresh and different.”

So You Broke Up — How To Resettle Your Home For Single Living
Photographed by Sabrina Bot.

Sensual Approach

“You can also treat yourself to a new candle or essential oil spray/diffuser to help yourself unwind when you're home and mark this new phase of your life,” says Huerta. “If you're feeling anxious or having trouble sleeping, try a calming scent like lavender.”

Get Painting

“I always paint a room after a breakup,” says Katerina Torres, contributing editor at Mend. “Whether it’s my bedroom or the bathroom or any other room in the house that doesn’t actually need painting but will get a fresh coat anyway, it’s become a thing I do. It’s therapeutic to cover a wall in a different color, to breathe new life into a room. Plus, once you pick up the paint roller and get started, it’s a project that will keep you occupied a full day, if not longer.”

“Plain white walls can be calming, but for added serenity, paint your bedroom walls a light blue-grey,” she suggests. “Blue incites thoughts of the sky and the ocean, which can be extremely soothing. Sometimes you don’t necessarily want to relax. Maybe you want an energetic and uplifting color. For that, go with a bright yellow or orange.”

So You Broke Up — How To Resettle Your Home For Single Living
Photographed by Ana Kamin.

Update Your Linens

“Don’t you want to transport yourself to the most luxurious vacation you ever took? Recall those memories by getting all-white bedding, just like the best hotels,” advises Torres. “If there’s any part of the decor you should splurge on it’s the bedding, that’s what you’ll physically enjoy the most. People are often afraid of all white bedding for fear of staining them, but they’re actually easy maintenance since you can bleach them in the wash. Go for a fluffy comforter, mix fabrics, and get lots of plush pillows.”

Go Green

“Don't forget to pick up a plant or two,” suggests Huerta. “Houseplants have many health benefits, and they will also make your space feel more alive."

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