Girlboss Founder Sophia Amoruso Spills Her Home Self-Care Rituals

From beauty to decor, self-care is a top priority.

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To say the O.G. #girlboss Sophia Amoruso has a full plate is an understatement. As the founder and CEO of the female career-focused media company, she manages running the show, hosting a weekly podcast, and speaking at events around the country. With that kind of schedule, burnout almost seems like an inevitability. Her way of finding balance? Self care. Breaking up her day with moments for herself is the key to achieving success and maintaining her mental health.

From staying active to unplugging to indulging in curated spaces around her home, Amoruso has crafted a few rituals in her life that keep her on track. To get a little insight into her routine, we asked the girlboss to share her experiences with self care and how we can all improve our lives by taking a little bit of "me time" every day.

How important is it to maintain a self-care routine in your life around your work schedule?

Sophia Amoruso: I mean it’s as important as your work. Investing in yourself in simple quick ways is what empowers you and allows you to show up to work and perform at your best. Burnout is a real thing and I used to advocate for going on that grind, grind, grind. I think that’s a really outdated way of thinking. Employees who feel like they have different times to be themselves and have their own lives are higher performing teams and stick around a lot longer. It’s a really important thing for our generation of millennials to see that working at all costs is no longer something people believe in.

Do you think we need to create structured indulgent self-care rituals or is self care something we can implement throughout our daily lives on a variety of time and financial budgets?

SA: Self care doesn’t have to be expensive. It could just be going for a walk to get coffee in the middle of your workday or eating lunch away from your desk. Structure is also really important if you can make the time for it. It could just be you getting up every morning and spending 20 minutes on the treadmill. I mean I’m doing an Invisalign treatment right now. It’s clear and in all day. I don’t really have to really think about it and I’m affecting my self. Even things that seem like they are about your appearance are investments in feeling confident. That’s ok. It’s not a shallow thing. That’s a really important thing. We all can be creative in ways we do that but also find simple ways to find routines that keep structure in our self care.

Girlboss Founder Sophia Amoruso Spills Her Home Self-Care Rituals
Courtesy of Girlboss.

After a day at the office or traveling, what part of your home are you most excited to return to?

SA: I’d say my poodles. I have three poodles and they can be really annoying. Whether it’s after a long day or a trip, they are so excited to see me. Even when it’s just when I wake up in the morning or I have been gone for a week, they are just a bunch of joy.

Also cooking for myself. Eating out is really overrated. It’s hard to stay healthy and predict what you are going to feel after eating whatever is on a menu. I eat relatively healthy and indulge here and there. But it keeps me at the top of my game and feeling good in my clothes. I’d say going to the farmer’s market and picking out some great fruits and vegetables for the home is such a grounding thing. I spend so much time at home. I eat out so infrequently now. I used to eat out almost every single night. It’s such a nice gift in my lifestyle that I never thought I would be doing three years ago.

Do you have a favorite spot in your home where you like to do self-care routines?

SA: Yeah! I have a little infrared sauna in my house and that is an indulgence. It’s a bed — it’s not like a cabin. It’s pretty small and I just lay down on it. It’s so good for you. Even if I don’t exercise, sweating is really good. Then I would say my treadmill. I know these are all devices, but being on the treadmill, taking time for myself, not being on my phone, and forcing myself out of my comfort zone is a type of self care.

And of course, my bathroom counter. It’s just piles and piles of beauty products I’m always trying. I’m a real sucker for products. I like working on my skincare and being able to wear as little makeup as possible. When you conserve your skin, it is actually more efficient in your daily routine and you feel better about not having to cover as much.

Do you have a particular piece of decor in your home that always makes you happy or smile when you see it?

SA: I have an Ettore Sottsass piece. It’s very graphic. I also have the wavy mirror at my office which makes me happy too. At home, I have this 1930s vanity that is mirrored and Italian. It kind of makes me feel like a princess. It also has a purple mirror, which for the ‘30s is such a unique thing. So just stopping there and taking the time to not like smash a bunch of makeup on my face, but sometimes just do a little bit makes me know I’ll look great at the end of the day. It’s a perfect moment.

What’s your most recent self-care girlboss moment?

SA: I booked a trip to Wyoming for the weekend. I’m just going to be in nature. It’s not camping, but a nice place. I’ll be staying in a cabin that’s really small. I’m just going to ride horses, go hiking, and maybe lay around a bit. I think that’s a lot nicer than going to some resort that’s made out of concrete. I’ve been to those places before. Going out in the middle of nowhere, getting off the phone, and getting a little bit uncomfortable feels like self care.

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