Why Dyson's Link Will Change Your Life

The purifying gadget we can't get over.

Why Dyson's Link Will Change Your Life
Designed by Briana Gagnier.

I'm in a serious relationship with my air purifier. It may sound ridiculous, but bear with me. 

I moved to San Francisco two years ago — without realizing how much I actually appreciate Texas heat and excess square footage. Finding an apartment in a desirable neighborhood at a reasonable price in this city is like finding the right Toyota Camry Uber at an airport — a sea of contenders with very few matches. Since planting myself out West, I've lived in the same apartment. Like most of the homes here, it's quaint (tiny) and character-filled (old). And as it so happens, the high demand for housing in San Francisco means apartments don't get updated very often, meaning paint is chipped, insulation is limited, and particles are everywhere. 

The particle phenomenon first came to my attention when, after only one week in my new room, I began to notice dust accumulating on my sheets. There they were, specs scattered atop my bed and pillows, waiting for me to climb into bed with them.

In addition to this natural dust build-up, the particle party got even worse every time I went to the beach, as sand would somehow follow me home. The final straw? Since we live on a busy street, we can't really leave our windows open without being sure microscopic debris from outside won't find its way inside. So there you have it: a perfect storm of particles and death by an old apartment. Unless, of course, you have the Dyson Link.

Why Dyson's Link Will Change Your Life
Designed by Briana Gagnier.

Before bringing the Link into my life, I already owned the Dyson vacuum, which made a significant impact on the cleanliness of our floors (and our willingness to actually vacuum, because this one is FUN). But after bringing the Link home, everything changed. Here's how this miracle worker works.

I specifically bought the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link, because I need all three functions: purifying, heating, and cooling. Once set up (download the app, plug the purifier in, and turn it on), the Link will tell you just HOW bad your room is. It surveys the air in your room and then rates its quality. This part is the most satisfying, because you can then let the purifier take over and detox your space. Overtime, the air quality of your room (inevitably) improves, which is visible via the app. Oh, and you can actually breathe better (like I said, it's life changing). 

The second reason the Dyson Link saved me? San Francisco apartments are COLD, and, like I said, I appreciate Texas heat. This magical gadget has a heating component that makes my room feel like a welcoming cocoon in the winter. Prefer sleeping in cooler temperatures? The purifier can also cool down a room with the click of a button (which you can do from your bed, with your remote or phone). Like I said, it's good. 

Full disclosure: I've never actually used another air purifier before, so it's hard for me to compare this one to others on the market. However, I can tell you that house guests have expressed great envy for my Link and have gone home to purchase their own. Finally, I'm feeling about as fresh as my apartment's new and improved, green-rated, high-quality air. 

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