The Millennial’s Guide To Home Decor

Are you really a millennial without these home essentials?

Illustrated by Ruby Taylor for Lonny.

If you don't have at least five plants in your apartment, are you even a millennial? As trends come and go, there are definitely a few popular items that this generation has held onto as tightly as we grip our phones over our heads when scrolling through Instagram in bed. But we can't help it. There are some seriously amazing styles that are just too hard to pass up. From marble surfaces to cheeky ceramics, we have seen a rise in these generational home decor staples.

Many of these trends have come out of the social and political movements in the past few years from body positivity, to intersectional feminism, to a focus on self-care and living green. Plus, thanks to rising rent prices, many of us have to learn how to strategically decorate in small spaces, leading to lots of DIY projects, extra storage pieces, and landlord-approved additions. We want our homes to be a reflection of our style, views, and make a statement about who we are — even if we're dealing with a student loan budget. Plus they obvi have to be Instagrammable too because #picsoritdidnthappen.

Do you think you live up to the millennial home decor standards? We rounded up a few items that we would literally die without. Read ahead to see if you can check off all these generational essentials.

The Millennial’s Guide To Home Decor
Illustrated by Ruby Taylor for Lonny.

1. Millennial pink walls (because blush is our new neutral)

2. Hanging plants (since plants should be at every eye level)

3. Feminist print (with percentage of profits going to Planned Parenthood!)

3. Faux Eames chair (because Ray and Charles Eames could do no wrong and you couldn't find a vintage one on your last flea market haul)

4. Neon sign (which low-key might drain your energy bill, but it looks cool so why not)

5. Exposed cords (but in a fun color!)

5. Too many candles (and you purchase them for how they look rather than how they smell)

5. Cold Picnic Bathmat (because we need to normalize women's bodies)

6. Aesop soap (because it makes you feel fancy)

7. Bathroom plants (because we want our tiny space to feel like a spa) 

7. Graphic towels (preferably by a cool maker like Dusen Dusen)

8. Persian rug (that you found at your local flea market, or Urban Outfitters)

9. Hexagonal floating wall shelf (because you're not a square)

The Millennial’s Guide To Home Decor
Illustrated by Ruby Taylor for Lonny.

10. Marble surface table (props if you use faux marble thanks to a helpful DIY)

11. Palm plants (either in wallpaper, print, or IRL form)

12. A BILLY bookcase from IKEA (because its inexpensive and hackable)

13. Group Partner pot (it's cheeky af)

14. Succulents that don't require care (because tbh you killed your last five plants)

15. Crystals (and books on how to use them to ward off all those bad vibes in your life)

16. Art books (which you only opened and looked through when you first bought them)

17. Warhol-inspired print (because you wish you could have gone to a Studio54 party but you weren't born yet)

18. More candles (you can never had enough)

19. Twinkle lights (because it reminds you of the holidays and you need something happy in your life rn)

20. Vegan or gluten-free cookbook (from that one week you tried to go plant-based and Whole 30)

21. Ceramics (that you found at your local craft fair from that cool maker you want to be friends with)

22. Pineapples (which you bought in 2017 and aren't totally sure if it's still trending or not)

23. Removable wallpaper accent wall (because your landlord won't let you put up the real thing)

24. So many throw pillows (pom-poms, fringe, and velvet are encouraged!)

25. A print with a dirty mouth (because f*ck yeah)

26. A fun mug (to sip coffee, tea, and wine out of)

27. Technology (you need stay social, woke, and accomplish your side-hustle after all!)

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