The Best Mattresses For 2019 You Can Buy Online

These eight mattresses could completely transform your quality of sleep — no matter what position you prefer.

Courtesy of Tuft & Needle

It's one of the most important purchases you'll ever make. After all, you'll spend roughly one third of your life on your mattress of choice — more if it's your favorite spot to watch Netflix. Luckily, the best mattresses you can buy are so much more than a wad of bedding. They're designed for optimal comfort, breathability, and versatility. So, whether you're a hot sleeper, a side sleeper, or a not-so-great sleeper, you'll be able to find a mini oasis regardless of your position.

When it comes to getting the best sleep possible, it's important to know your go-to sleeping position so you can determine your ideal level of firmness. Personally, I'm a back and stomach sleeper (I tend to flip like a pancake throughout the night), so I do best with a medium-firm foam mattress that'll support the contours of my spine either way. If you tend to sleep on your side, you'll need something with a little more give. Softer mattresses will cradle your hips and shoulders while they jut into the bed; otherwise, your rib area won't even make contact with the mattress, which will force your spine into misalignment. 

After you know what level of firmness you need, it's really all about preference. Much like your pillows, sheets, and comforter set, the ideal mattress will keep you feeling rested because it'll suit your body temperature and preferred textures. Basically, it's something you'll look forward to jumping into every night. 

Ready for the best news? Thanks to the new mattress in a box trend, crowded stores, aggressive sales pitches, and long lines are all things of the past. The best mattresses for 2019 are available online, and they show up to your door condensed and easy to transport. Simply unwrap your mattress and within a few hours, it'll expand to its full size and you'll be ready for the best sleep of your life. 

The Best Overall Choice: Tuft & Needle Adaptive Foam Mattress

Courtesy of Tuft & Needle.

There are so many reasons why the Tuft & Needle mattress is a great all-around pick, but I'll start with the material. Rather than latex or memory foam (which can feel hot and a little too spongy), this mattress is made of a special kind of adaptive foam that bounces back fast and effectively distributes body heat. It'll conform to your body no matter which sleeping position you prefer, and it'll keep both hot and cold sleepers happy. Reviewers who sleep with a partner say, "[This mattress] does it for both of us" — even when partners have different preferences.

Another massive benefit? This mattress is available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king, and the largest available size comes in at just $750. That's significantly less than you'd pay for most other high-end mattresses, but according to the thousands of five-star reviews, you're not compromising when it comes to quality. "I tried three mattresses from Saatva Mattress, three Beautyrest mattresses from Mattress Firm, and a brand-new variation of the Purple mattress that's exclusive to Mattress Firm. I started the year on my old Sleep Number," writes one reviewer. "Tuft & Needle was the best value for the money and the most comfortable to sleep on." 

Finally, this pick offers a 100-night trial and a 10-year warranty, so you can be absolutely sure you love it and that it's living up to the hype.

Tuft & Needle Adaptive Foam Queen Mattress, $595, Amazon. 

When It Comes To Value: The Allswell Hybrid Mattress

Courtesy of Allswell Home.

Allswell's objective is to provide "high-level features" for an "entry-level price," and according to this pick's 4.9-star rating, it has succeeded. "Forget the trips to the spa! Every morning on this mattress I've woken up feeling rested, refreshed, and ready to face the day," one buyer raves, and there are tons more where that came from. 

Even though a standard queen mattress costs only $345, this brand did not skimp on design. You're getting ten inches of high-performance memory foam and supportive spring coils, and the combination creates a medium-firm feel that lessens aches and conforms to your curves. Hybrid mattresses like this are ideal for people who want a bit of bounce alongside body-hugging support. Thanks to the top layer of foam, they also allow for disturbance-free sleep should your partner toss and turn during the night. 

This brand's mattresses are designed to suit any bed frame, whether you use a box spring, an adjustable frame, or a flat or slated base. It's available in four sizes — twin, full, queen, king — and the biggest costs just $420. You can also opt for smaller payments over a span of three, six, or 12 months. 

Allswell Hybrid Queen Mattress, $345, Allswell.

If You're Looking For Innovation: Casper Sleep Mattress

Courtesy of Casper.

From old-school springs to adjustable air mattresses, you might've tried virtually everything that's out there — but according to hundreds of reviewers, the Casper sleep mattress is definitely something new. In fact, thanks to how downright innovative it is, we have written about this brand several times before. (Check out this article about the startup, or this rave review from one of our writers.)

Unlike most foam mattresses (which feature one consistency all throughout), Casper utilizes four distinct layers in various zones. The material under your shoulders is softer to relieve pressure on your upper back, while the layer under your hips is firmer for better spine alignment. Thanks to its open-cell construction, this mattress is designed for better airflow and heat distribution, so you don't have to choose between full-body support and staying cool. Since it's carefully zoned and very soft, it's an option that suits side, stomach, and back sleepers alike. 

"We joke about how this bed ruined our sex life because it is so comfortable and inviting that when you lay down on it, you instantly want to fall asleep," says one reviewer.

Another raves, "I never knew there was a difference between sleeping and actually getting a good nights rest until I bought a Casper." 

Casper Queen Sleep Mattress, $995, Amazon.

For The Back Sleeper: Lull Memory Foam Mattress

Courtesy of Lull.

According to experts, there are certain sleeping positions and firmness levels that minimize upper and lower back pain. Your best bet is to sleep on your back on a firm, supportive mattress; this helps to keep your spine straight so you wake up with fewer aches. For back sleepers with back pain, the Lull memory foam mattress is just what the doctor ordered.

This mattress features three distinct layers of foam, and the top is a gel-infused viscoelastic material that's much firmer than most other options. As a result, it's durable, supportive, and contours to your back without making you feel like you're being eaten by your mattress. Thanks to its gel, it also cools and wicks moisture rather than trapping your body heat.

"We were hesitant because my husband [has] severe back problems and pain," one reviewer says. "Since getting the mattress, I haven’t heard him complain about his back at all. We will be purchasing another soon for our son." Since it's available in six sizes and you're allowed a 100-day trial period, you can be sure this bed fits your bedroom and your body before you commit. 

Lull Memory Foam Queen Mattress, $800, Amazon.

For Side And Stomach Sleepers: Tulo Soft Foam Mattress

Courtesy of Tulo.

Both stomach and side sleepers benefit from a softer mattress with more contouring materials. That's because the sides of your body aren't flat (nor is the front) so a little bit of give ensures that those extruding body parts sink down into the mattress and your spine stays relatively level. The Tulo soft mattress is designed to do precisely that.

This pick is made with multiple memory foam panels that work together to relieve pressure on your hips, shoulders, and back. It also has a comfortable knitted cover that feels soft to the touch, as well as breathable ventilation holes throughout. Setup is super easy, and it works with nearly all bed frames.

So what do reviewers have to say about it? "I prefer a softer mattress as I mostly sleep on my side," and this one has a "perfect softness and your body sinks into the mattress just the right amount... No aches or pains the next morning either. I will say this bed has made me want to NEVER get out of it, so be warned [that] it could interfere with productive adulting." 

Tulo Soft Foam Queen Mattress, $630, Amazon.

For The Tosser And Turner: Helix Dawn Mattress

Courtesy of Helix Sleep.

So instead of fitting into one of the aforementioned categories, you fit into all of them. You start off on your back only to wake up on your stomach, and your sore hips prove you spent some time on your side, too. Luckily, there is a mattress for you. It's called the Helix Dawn, and it's a great option for someone who can't seem to decide on one particular sleeping position.

It uses a special type of material deemed "Helix Dynamic Foam," which is a latex-based alternative that reacts to your movement and cushions your body simultaneously. Under that, there's a polyfoam transition layer that conforms for an ergonomic fit, and under that, you get wrapped coils that absorb shock without causing the entire mattress to shake. Then there's the base, which keeps everything steady and durable long-term. 

"Before I bought my Helix, I spent a lot of hours tossing and turning, trying to get comfortable. I even had my [sleep tracker] showing that I rarely got more than 4 hours of good sleep in a night," one reviewer writes. However, after adding this brand to their digital cart, they're "tracking at least a good 6-7 hours every night now," which is a pretty sizable difference. "It's hard to believe that a mattress can change so much, but with the customizable options of Helix, I sleep better and feel better," they share. 

Helix Dawn Queen Mattress, $995, Helix Sleep.

For The Hot Sleeper: Layla Copper-Infused Mattress

Courtesy of Layla.

Memory foam is an incredible invention as far as mattresses go — but if you often overheat during the night, that stuff gets uncomfortable real quick. That's because foam materials tend to be insulators, meaning they trap heat within cells. They're also not great when it comes to wicking moisture, so you may feel as if you're sleeping in a pool of your own sweat. Not ideal. 

The Layla mattress is made using memory foam, but it also has a few brilliant, built-in tricks to offset the heat-trapping material. This particular mattress is infused with real copper, which ensures a rapid transfer of body heat as well as antimicrobial protection. It even has a special cover that utilizes thermogel for a cool-to-the-touch feel. Whether you're a back sleeper or you prefer your side or stomach, this one suits all positions. That's because its reversible design is soft on one side and firm on the other — just flip it over, and it's like an entirely different mattress. No wonder it has a 4.4-star rating so far. 

Layla Copper-Infused Queen Mattress, $824, Amazon.

If You Prefer A More Traditional Feel: The Solay Hybrid Mattress

Courtesy of Solay Sleep.

Now that foam is in, springs are considered outdated — but some people still prefer the versatility and familiar feel of an innerspring mattress. That being said, because springs tend to sag, deteriorate, and make noise, they're getting harder and harder to find. Cue the Solay mattress. This pick does, in fact, feature hundreds of springs for a bouncier, more supportive feel, but it combines them with cooling memory foam in order to counteract the most common complaints surrounding innerspring mattresses. 

With this mattress, you get six distinct layers: a temperature regulating cover, a gel layer, some shock absorbing foam, a layer of support, six inches of spring coils, and a foundation. The result? The alignment of memory foam and the responsiveness of a traditional mattress. It also dampens motion between partners, comes condensed in a box despite its coils, and offers a risk-free trial that lasts 101 nights. With every purchase, Solay even donates a portion of the proceeds to a partner charity.

If you're wondering how the hybrid design fared for other buyers, they say it "turned out to be a game changing experience. This mattress technology delivered (both literally and figuratively - since it was delivered to our front porch in a box)." They say they "couldn't be happier with this decision."

Solay Hybrid Queen Mattress, $1,295, Solay.

We hope you find the perfect mattress to suit your body and budget!  So you know, Lonny may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.