3 Home Trends We're Actually Trying This Season

From court-side style to dropping it low.

Courtesy of Rove Concepts.

We typically don't pay too much attention to trends. In fact, we don't even like the word trend. It insinuates a style that is fleeting and frivolous, not "good" enough to stand the test of time. However, if you look back on trends that have come and gone, there's one thing that seems to ring true for (most) of them: they always come back around again. 

Maybe the word trend doesn't do these styles justice, as they are actually a representation of creative thinking, functionality, and popular culture. What we do pay attention to, is things that make a home better — whether aesthetically or functionally. We prefer our homes to be nice looking, welcoming, and comfortable, and whether or not that's on trend, we're into it. 

In other words, we do pay close attention to what looks good and what works, whether its popular or not. From scouring Instagram to perusing through design week in New York, we've come across a handful of designers and items that are definitely delivering the good stuff, and we're dying to incorporate them into our home. Here are the top three trends our eyeballs are loving most right now. 

1. Court-Side Style 

3 Home Trends We're Actually Trying This Season
Courtesy of Pieces by Aesthetic Pursuit.

Pieces by Aesthetic Pursuit was one of the first booths we came across this year at New York's ICFF design fair. Needless to say, the entire display of court-inspired lines (by way of rugs and tables and art) really made us want to play the game — pun intended. 

The design company came out with an entire collection of (actually affordable!) works, including this half court rugthis Karl Hab court print, and this fence coffee table. 

The Pieces team is definitely ahead of the curve on this one and scoring all kinds of goals with their latest creations. While we've seen plenty of art that takes on the lines of tennis and basketball courts, we've yet to see another furniture line take on these patterns and master them in a design sense. For simply aesthetic reasons, we definitely anticipate court-side lines and curves being a thing. 

Pieces By Aesthetic Pursuit Track Rug, $240, Pieces by Aesthetic Pursuit. 

2. Monochrome Rooms 

3 Home Trends We're Actually Trying This Season
Courtesy of Anthropologie.

 Maybe you're already on the monochrome train, because when it comes to neutrals, keeping a room within one color wheel is definitely almost every designer's go-to tactic. However, we're anticipating this trend being taken to the next level this season, by incorporating textures, patterns, and accessories that all fit within the same hue or color tone. 

Anthropologie jumped on this trend recently with their new striped, 3-piece sectional (which also looks very cushy and cozy). We especially love the way all the hues in this room play along with a warm color theme, making the space extra inviting.

It's no secret that hygge has taken over all of our homes for the past several years, urging us to skip out on color and go all gray, white, and beige. We'd argue the monochrome madness is an extension of the hygge trend. After all, a room founded in simplicity does leave more room for "trending" updates here and there. 

Anthropologie Peruvian Stripe Tassa Three-Piece L-Shaped Sectional, $5,698, Anthropologie

3. Going Low

We always tend to lean more modern and mid-century than anything else in the design world, so it's no surprise that we've been drawn to all of the extra-low rooms we've seen on Instagram lately. 

A Scandinavian-inspired style, the low-furniture bedroom is minimalist by nature, and should definitely be accompanied with white and wood hues, along with a few modern, whimsical touches (such as these Rove Concept poufs, which come in tons of colors). Bringing the bed, side tables, and other furniture to a lower level can often make a room feel bigger by making the ceiling feel higher. If that's not functional, we're not sure what is. 

3 Home Trends We're Actually Trying This Season
Courtesy of Rove Concepts.

Rove Concepts Asher Bed $1,730, Rove Concepts

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