Photographed by Tessa Neustadt.
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Maybe it's the influx of New Year's resolutions or removing all our holiday decorations, but there's something about the new year that makes us want to hit the refresh button on our homes. So we spend hours scrolling through Pinterest, take advantage of those end-of-the-year sales, and read every article that predicts the biggest trends for 2019. 

But when it comes to decorating your own home, the answer just might be written in the stars. ICYMI: Your astrological sign can do a lot more than predict your personality quirks. It can also determine serious design decisions, like choosing a new houseplant or lighting fixture. And come the new year, your horoscope can also help you spruce up your space.

From homebody Cancers to bold Leos, we're breaking down the one trend each sign should try in 2019.