Photographed by Jessica Cain for Golden & Pine.
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When Molly and Kevin Jarvis, founders of design and build company Brasstacks, had to decorate their own home, they decided to go all in. The duo tackled renovations, perfectly curated every space, and created a warm and welcoming environment for their family of four.

"With this home, we wanted it light and bright, with lots of earthy and autumnal tones and textures, and a lot of custom pieces," shares Molly Jarvis. "We love to try out new ideas, contractors or materials in our own space — to problem solve, to inspire our clients, and sometimes to know what not to do."

After gutting the kitchen, refinishing floors, and adding in new windows to enhance the light, the couple were able to transform the space into a beautiful home that's hard to not fawn over. Want to take a full tour? Read ahead to get insight into the design process and explore the incredible space.