The Finishing Touches For Your Wedding Stationery

The finishing touches to your wedding stationery needn't appear to be an afterthought. Fully commit to the trimmings! There are still a number of items with which to continue the narrative that your invitations began...

(Photo courtesy Victoria Vu)I find the envelope postage and addressing to be one of the more satisfying parts of the stationery design. USPS has been on a wonderful roll with their recent releases, but there's also a whole archive of vintage postage to peruse if you're looking for more possibilities. You could pick postage that speaks to your interests, your hometown, or the theme or colors of your wedding. Margaret Haas of Paper Pastries went so far as to handpick the postage for each of her guests!

When it comes to addressing the envelopes, handwritten is generally the go-to. If you decide to forgo addressing them yourself, out there is a talented calligrapher who will be just the right match. Take a look at the styles of Paper Pastries, Joyce Chai, and Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls.

For the paper goods at your main event, keep them you! The graphic quality of this woodblock stamp on a paint chip was a nice way to bring the hue of the day to the table. While it popped as a table number, it also embodied Justina Blakeney's handmade and D.I.Y. M.O. to a T.

As far as thank you notes are concerned, just remember that they're best written within two weeks time, though better late than never. And... I shall point you to Emily Post for further guidance on that front.

Founded by Victoria Vu in 2008, Paper & Type is a paper goods company that believes in thoughtful correspondence. Whether that's a notable announcement or a more subtle statement, Paper & Type's offerings are simple and versatile, mixed with a bit of whimsy. Look out for Vu's posts all month long on the Lonny blog! Follow Victoria & Paper and Type: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

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