Lonny http://www.lonny.com en-us Copyright 2017 Livingly Inc. support@livingly.com (The Livingly Team) Stop Everything: Block Shop Textiles Is Having A Sample Sale <div class="widget imagewidgetmain w60" data-widget-guid="lJDyxfSfb2M" data-widget-edit-url="/widgets/image_widget" data-widget-modal="true" data-widget-type="image_widget"> <div> <div class="image-and-info-box" data-guid="lJDyxfSfb2M"><img src="http://www3.pictures.lonny.com/mp/zCaC6mY8gTmx.jpg" title="top" alt="Stop Everything: Block Shop Textiles Is Having A Sample Sale" /></div> <div class="below attribution">Courtesy of Block Shop Textiles.</div> </div> </div> <p>On the lookout for high-end artisan textiles that won't make you have to&nbsp;survive on ramen for a week? <a href="https://www.blockshoptextiles.com/">Block Shop Textiles</a>&nbsp;just announced via <a href="https://www.instagram.com/p/BQ027auA2Nf/?taken-by=blockshoptextiles">Instagram</a>&nbsp;that they will be hosting an online sample sale this Sunday, and we are seriously stoked.</p> <p>Although the sister design duo haven't announced what cool products they will be putting on sale yet, we can only imagine that it will be filled with their quilts, pillows, and scarves&nbsp;with made with the incredible Indian hand block printing technique. We suggest stalking their <a href="https://www.blockshoptextiles.com/">products</a>&nbsp;and figuring out your favorites before the sale begins.</p> <div class="widget imagewidgetmain w60" data-widget-guid="JmsNGYg4WZ8" data-widget-edit-url="/widgets/image_widget" data-widget-modal="true" data-widget-type="image_widget"> <div> <div class="image-and-info-box" data-guid="JmsNGYg4WZ8"><img src="http://www3.pictures.lonny.com/mp/Fi0a_2jVEjEx.jpg" title="detail" alt="Stop Everything: Block Shop Textiles Is Having A Sample Sale" /></div> <div class="below attribution">Courtesy of Block Shop Textiles.</div> </div> </div> <p></p> Wed, 22 Feb 2017 12:59:11 -0800 http://www.lonny.com/Scout+Out/articles/I-Qb_CpZfYN/Stop+Everything+Block+Shop+Textiles+Sample I-Qb_CpZfYN Rifle Paper Co x Keds Is The Perfect Collab For Spring <div class="widget imagewidgetmain w60 mceNonEditable" data-widget-guid="jU-It5ixBaZ" data-widget-edit-url="/widgets/image_widget" data-widget-modal="true" data-widget-type="image_widget"> <div> <div class="image-and-info-box" data-guid="jU-It5ixBaZ"><img src="http://www2.pictures.lonny.com/mp/CrIrqt_yFHox.jpg" title="hero" alt="Rifle Paper Co x Keds Is The Perfect Collab For Spring" /></div> <div class="below attribution">Courtesy of Rifle Paper Co.</div> </div> </div> <p>Want some spring in your step? Then you <em></em>gotta&nbsp;check out <a href="https://riflepaperco.com/">Rifle Paper Co.'s</a>&nbsp;new collab with Keds. The paper company known for creating some of our favorite planners and stationary is bringing their floral-filled aesthetic to the classic shapes of Keds sneakers and slip-ons. Even better? Most the shoes have a platform to give you a little lift.</p> <div class="widget imagewidgetmain w60 mceNonEditable" data-widget-guid="2Vogb5MxShM" data-widget-edit-url="/widgets/image_widget" data-widget-modal="true" data-widget-type="image_widget"> <div> <div class="image-and-info-box" data-guid="2Vogb5MxShM"><img src="http://www3.pictures.lonny.com/mp/UqbBfOPYGdtx.jpg" title="two" alt="Rifle Paper Co x Keds Is The Perfect Collab For Spring" /></div> <div class="below attribution">Courtesy of Rifle Paper Co.</div> </div> </div> <p>If the shoes weren't already cute enough, we also are totally into their packaging. These boxes would be perfect for a bit of <a href="/How+To+Make+Your+Exposed+Closet+Look+Elevated">exposed closet organization</a>. The shoes are selling out fast, so be sure to pick 'em&nbsp;up before springtime.</p> <div class="widget imagewidgetmain w60 mceNonEditable" data-widget-guid="JquIQN5qCWt" data-widget-edit-url="/widgets/image_widget" data-widget-modal="true" data-widget-type="image_widget"> <div> <div class="image-and-info-box" data-guid="JquIQN5qCWt"><img src="http://www1.pictures.lonny.com/mp/qIuLk1hEbmRx.jpg" title="box" alt="Rifle Paper Co x Keds Is The Perfect Collab For Spring" /></div> <div class="below attribution">Courtesy of Rifle Paper Co.</div> </div> </div> <p></p> Tue, 21 Feb 2017 14:29:38 -0800 http://www.lonny.com/Scout+Out/articles/CVz-JN6ZsB0/Rifle+Paper+Co+x+Keds+Perfect+Collab+Spring CVz-JN6ZsB0 DIY To Try: Unleash-Your-Creativity Coasters <div class="widget imagewidgetmain w60 mceNonEditable" data-widget-guid="c6SdRBjbxyb" data-widget-edit-url="/widgets/image_widget" data-widget-modal="true" data-widget-type="image_widget"> <div> <div class="image-and-info-box" data-guid="c6SdRBjbxyb"><img src="http://www4.pictures.lonny.com/mp/xv2oMvlNDPdx.jpg" title="DIY image" alt="Courtesy of The Lovely Drawer." /></div> <div class="below"><em>Courtesy of The Lovely Drawer.</em></div> </div> </div> <p>You may or may not be able to paint a beautiful portrait, but chances are, you could still paint a pretty mean pattern. These detailed, tile-like coasters via <a href="http://thelovelydrawer.com/drink-it-all-in/">The Lovely Drawer</a>&nbsp;would be within reach for just about anyone -- and look how delightful they are!</p> <p>No heavy-duty tools of any sort are needed for this project, just good, old-fashioned craft and kitchen supplies like a rolling pin, cookie cutter, paint, paintbrush and some polymer clay. As far as DIYs go, it&rsquo;s deceptively low-key. If our childhood doodles are any indication, dreaming up a cool design seems like it would be almost meditative, too. So, <a href="http://thelovelydrawer.com/drink-it-all-in/">go forth</a>, protect your table and add a little geometry in your life.</p> <div class="widget imagewidgetmain w60 mceNonEditable" data-widget-guid="KlrOx5D_Xfb" data-widget-edit-url="/widgets/image_widget" data-widget-modal="true" data-widget-type="image_widget"> <div> <div class="image-and-info-box" data-guid="KlrOx5D_Xfb"><img src="http://www3.pictures.lonny.com/mp/BmGcDlhzfoWx.jpg" title="DIY image 2" alt="Courtesy of The Lovely Drawer." /></div> <div class="below"><em>Courtesy of The Lovely Drawer.</em></div> </div> </div> <p></p> Fri, 17 Feb 2017 10:10:46 -0800 http://www.lonny.com/Do-It-Yourself+Projects/articles/OD2cmZUtd0-/DIY+Try+Unleash+Creativity+Coasters OD2cmZUtd0- Get Ready For Tom Dixon's Innovative IKEA Collab <div class="widget imagewidgetmain w60 mceNonEditable" data-widget-guid="Rd0vQ_4bQmX" data-widget-edit-url="/widgets/image_widget" data-widget-modal="true" data-widget-type="image_widget"> <div> <div class="image-and-info-box" data-guid="Rd0vQ_4bQmX"><img src="http://www3.pictures.lonny.com/mp/85mjMxF1aRbx.jpg" title="dezeen" alt="Get Ready For Tom Dixon's Innovative Collab With IKEA" /></div> <div class="below attribution">Courtesy of Dezeen.</div> </div> </div> <p>Have you ever wanted an all-purpose piece of furniture? Clearly, <a href="https://www.tomdixon.net/">Tom Dixon</a>&nbsp;has that goal in his mind. In his collaboration with <a href="http://www.ikea.com/">IKEA</a>&nbsp;to be released in 2018, the designer has been developing a modular bed that can not only double as a sofa, but can also serve as an "open platform for living," according to <a href="https://www.dezeen.com/2017/02/16/ikea-delaktig-modular-bed-sofa-tom-dixon-furniture-design-news/">Dezeen</a>. With a little help from the team at <a href="https://bemz.com/">Bemz</a>, known for creating add-ons to enhance IKEA furniture, Dixon&nbsp;has created a convertible base called the Delektig that is ready&nbsp;for easy adaptations.</p> <p>"It's turned into a raft, it's turned into a double decker bed, a sofa system for airports," said Dixon. "It's a bed first, but it can turn into anything." With a strong aluminum frame,&nbsp;the design&nbsp;is meant&nbsp;to be recycled as something new over time.&nbsp;"Delaktig is an experiment that challenges the conventional methods of creation and distribution of furniture and explores the notions of adaptability and future-proofing," says Dixon. Sounds like a good investment piece to us!</p> <p></p> Thu, 16 Feb 2017 13:05:28 -0800 http://www.lonny.com/Scout+Out/articles/nr55nxhSW-r/Get+Ready+Tom+Dixon+Innovative+IKEA+Collab nr55nxhSW-r Pinterest Board of the Week: Cabin In The Woods <div class="widget imagewidgetmain w60" data-widget-guid="oHdLeRLDM9j" data-widget-edit-url="/widgets/image_widget" data-widget-modal="true" data-widget-type="image_widget"> <div> <div class="image-and-info-box" data-guid="oHdLeRLDM9j"><img src="http://www1.pictures.lonny.com/mp/6XGyyiwLx2Vx.jpg" title="Pinterest image 1" alt="via Pinterest/Hannah Lovegrove." /></div> <div class="below"><em>via Pinterest/Hannah Lovegrove.</em></div> </div> </div> <p>Rustic cabins in the woods are abodes so many of us dream about, especially in the snowy months of winter. If you&rsquo;re pining over one of these idyllic getaways, we suggest you make your way over to Pinterest board &ldquo;<a href="https://www.pinterest.com/lovegroveh/cabin-in-the-woods/">Cabin In The Woods</a>&rdquo; by pinner Hannah Lovegrove.</p> <div class="widget imagewidgetmain w60" data-widget-guid="pQkmpilEYRw" data-widget-edit-url="/widgets/image_widget" data-widget-modal="true" data-widget-type="image_widget"> <div> <div class="image-and-info-box" data-guid="pQkmpilEYRw"><img src="http://www1.pictures.lonny.com/mp/XdtaIw8iFE6x.jpg" title="Pinterest image 2" alt="via Pinterest/Hannah Lovegrove." /></div> <div class="below"><em>via Pinterest/Hannah Lovegrove.</em></div> </div> </div> <p>Whether you&rsquo;re looking to furnish a cabin of your own, are seeking inspiration on how to make your home extra cozy or just want to ogle some serene scenes, the board has all the images you need, and then some. The transportive pictures are the perfect, peaceful escape from the daily grind, so give yourself a break and <a href="https://www.pinterest.com/lovegroveh/cabin-in-the-woods/">take a peek</a>.</p> <div class="widget imagewidgetmain w60" data-widget-guid="reCeaelez0u" data-widget-edit-url="/widgets/image_widget" data-widget-modal="true" data-widget-type="image_widget"> <div> <div class="image-and-info-box" data-guid="reCeaelez0u"><img src="http://www2.pictures.lonny.com/mp/Cok5jTk7g21x.jpg" title="Pinterest image 3" alt="via Pinterest/Hannah Lovegrove." /></div> <div class="below"><em>via Pinterest/Hannah Lovegrove.</em></div> </div> </div> <p></p> Thu, 16 Feb 2017 09:31:06 -0800 http://www.lonny.com/Decorating/articles/O9sFQariUNB/Pinterest+Board+Week+Cabin+Woods O9sFQariUNB This Design Docu-Series Is Your Next Netflix Binge <div class="widget imagewidgetmain w60" data-widget-guid="HkkPorFvHA5" data-widget-edit-url="/widgets/image_widget" data-widget-modal="true" data-widget-type="image_widget"> <div> <div class="image-and-info-box" data-guid="HkkPorFvHA5"><img src="http://www2.pictures.lonny.com/mp/ZsD3APwg3Ucx.jpg" title="abstract" alt="This Design Docu-Series Is Your Next Netflix Binge" /></div> <div class="below attribution">Courtesy of Netflix.</div> </div> </div> <p>Need a new show to binge? We just found you a new favorite. Netflix just released <a href="https://www.netflix.com/title/80057883">Abstract: The Art Of Design</a>, a docu-series that gives a peek into the lives&nbsp;of creative icons. Whether you want to learn about Bjarke Ingels's contemporary architecture,&nbsp;Ilse Crawford's interior design process, or&nbsp;Christoph Niemann's distinctive illustrations, every episode delves deep to give you a portrait of one maker's craft and inspiration.</p> <div class="widget imagewidgetmain w60" data-widget-guid="_k_WvBII2Gr" data-widget-edit-url="/widgets/image_widget" data-widget-modal="true" data-widget-type="image_widget"> <div> <div class="image-and-info-box" data-guid="_k_WvBII2Gr"><img src="http://www3.pictures.lonny.com/mp/KaRb7_kEr4Ax.jpg" title="design" alt="This Design Docu-Series Is Your Next Netflix Binge" /></div> <div class="below attribution">Courtesy of Netflix.</div> </div> </div> <p>Not only does the show give you a look into the amazing innovation in design today, it is also beautifully shot and filled with inspiring stories from each artist. Get a taste with the trailer below.<br /><br /></p> <div class="widget html-widget w60 mceNonEditable" data-widget-guid="AvOlXtNQL6_" data-widget-edit-url="/widgets/html_widget" data-widget-modal="true" data-widget-type="html_widget"><iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/DYaq2sWTWAA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe></div> <p></p> Wed, 15 Feb 2017 12:10:57 -0800 http://www.lonny.com/See+It+Now/articles/3ALQuLeNhNf/Design+Docu+Series+Next+Netflix+Binge 3ALQuLeNhNf Get Excited For IKEA's New STOCKHOLM Collection <div class="widget imagewidgetmain w60 mceNonEditable" data-widget-guid="1woNghlFgKV" data-widget-edit-url="/widgets/image_widget" data-widget-modal="true" data-widget-type="image_widget"> <div> <div class="image-and-info-box" data-guid="1woNghlFgKV"><img src="http://www3.pictures.lonny.com/mp/rEt1VyVObatx.jpg" title="hed" alt="IKEA's New STOCKHOLM Collection Is " /></div> <div class="below attribution">Courtesy of IKEA.</div> </div> </div> <p>Nothing gets us more excited than brand new IKEA. Luckily, the 2017 STOCKHOLM collection is here to impress. Designed with the theme&nbsp;of slow living and creating comfortable spaces for the family, these pieces are perfect for a modern home.</p> <p>"We were looking for tactile materials with a soft, smooth touch in order to give the collection a sense of warmth and a homely feel," said Viveca Olesson, creative leader at IKEA. "The collection has a strong quality focus, everything from materials and suppliers to finishing are chosen and done with equal care. Having said that: the furniture is all meant to be used and enjoyed."</p> <div class="widget imagewidgetmain w60 mceNonEditable" data-widget-guid="x8-UUAdvdr5" data-widget-edit-url="/widgets/image_widget" data-widget-modal="true" data-widget-type="image_widget"> <div> <div class="image-and-info-box" data-guid="x8-UUAdvdr5"><img src="http://www3.pictures.lonny.com/mp/S-01dVrf_Mxx.jpg" title="Chair" alt="IKEA's New STOCKHOLM Collection Is " /></div> <div class="below attribution">Courtesy of IKEA.</div> </div> </div> <p>Rattan is quite frequently seen throughout the collection. The wood is a tactile natural material that can add&nbsp;lightness to any space.</p> <div class="widget imagewidgetmain w60 mceNonEditable" data-widget-guid="FJQ7gzt9UZa" data-widget-edit-url="/widgets/image_widget" data-widget-modal="true" data-widget-type="image_widget"> <div> <div class="image-and-info-box" data-guid="FJQ7gzt9UZa"><img src="http://www3.pictures.lonny.com/mp/g9JDAEbZP78x.jpg" title="color" alt="IKEA's New STOCKHOLM Collection Is " /></div> <div class="below attribution">Courtesy of IKEA.</div> </div> </div> <p>Fan of indigo? So is the IKEA Stockholm collection. These rich furniture pieces are perfect for fans of jewel tones.</p> <div class="widget imagewidgetmain w60 mceNonEditable" data-widget-guid="k0lEILuAs_s" data-widget-edit-url="/widgets/image_widget" data-widget-modal="true" data-widget-type="image_widget"> <div> <div class="image-and-info-box" data-guid="k0lEILuAs_s"><img src="http://www3.pictures.lonny.com/mp/QULKVnMXOICx.jpg" title="bowl" alt="IKEA's New STOCKHOLM Collection Is " /></div> <div class="below attribution">Courtesy of IKEA.</div> </div> </div> <p>To invoke the spirit of Swedish craftsmanship, the glass pieces are all hand-blown in lovely unique shades of blue.</p> <div class="widget imagewidgetmain w60 mceNonEditable" data-widget-guid="OQh0hRR4f0R" data-widget-edit-url="/widgets/image_widget" data-widget-modal="true" data-widget-type="image_widget"> <div> <div class="image-and-info-box" data-guid="OQh0hRR4f0R"><img src="http://www2.pictures.lonny.com/mp/BJzMqEVCRnFx.jpg" title="bottle" alt="IKEA's New STOCKHOLM Collection Is " /></div> <div class="below attribution">Courtesy of IKEA.</div> </div> </div> <p></p> Wed, 15 Feb 2017 10:44:52 -0800 http://www.lonny.com/Scout+Out/articles/wBVe_JBzsSO/Get+Excited+IKEA+New+STOCKHOLM+Collection wBVe_JBzsSO We Just Found Your New Fave Design Podcast <div class="widget imagewidgetmain w60 mceNonEditable" data-widget-guid="eJcEgFihv7a" data-widget-edit-url="/widgets/image_widget" data-widget-modal="true" data-widget-type="image_widget"> <div> <div class="image-and-info-box" data-guid="eJcEgFihv7a"><img src="http://www3.pictures.lonny.com/mp/BFOUPPExs36x.jpg" title="intro" alt="We Just Found Your New Fave Design Podcast" /></div> <div class="below attribution">Lonny.</div> </div> </div> <p>Want to spend your commute hanging out with your favorite tastemakers? Then you&nbsp;<em>have&nbsp;</em>to check out <a href="http://littleyellowcouch.com/">Style Matters</a>. Run by Karen June Grant and Zandra Zuraw, the podcast is a half-hour show where the duo interviews interior designers, artists, and creatives about their work. Already in their&nbsp;fourth season, the talented hosts have chatted with cool people like Rebecca Atwood, interior designer Max Humphrey, and Erin Hiemstra of Apartment 34.</p> <p>The pair's project spawned out of their own love of interiors and their desire to learn from the best. "We wanted to hear from stylists and designers their thoughts on what the process of decorating means to them and get to the foundation of what makes a home really give something back to the people who live there," says Grant and Zuraw. "We wanted to know, 'why does style matter?' Our goal with the podcast is to inspire people to embrace their passion for their homes, come away with some really creative decorating ideas, and feel like they are part of a community who share their love of interiors." With 65 episodes and counting, we're sure the inspiration is endless.</p> <div class="widget imagewidgetmain w60" data-widget-guid="iAVqZGQCkWD" data-widget-edit-url="/widgets/image_widget" data-widget-modal="true" data-widget-type="image_widget"> <div> <div class="image-and-info-box" data-guid="iAVqZGQCkWD"><img src="http://www4.pictures.lonny.com/mp/8LqdbpGrofgx.jpg" title="duo" alt="We Just Found Your New Fave Design Podcast" /></div> <div class="below attribution">Courtesy of Style Matters.</div> </div> </div> <p></p> Wed, 15 Feb 2017 09:42:15 -0800 http://www.lonny.com/See+It+Now/articles/7kZG-xINnsr/Just+Found+New+Fave+Design+Podcast 7kZG-xINnsr IKEA's Design Manager's Favorite Product Is So Surprising <div class="widget imagewidgetmain w60 mceNonEditable" data-widget-guid="wrQLofJi8Uk" data-widget-edit-url="/widgets/image_widget" data-widget-modal="true" data-widget-type="image_widget"> <div> <div class="image-and-info-box" data-guid="wrQLofJi8Uk"><img src="http://www2.pictures.lonny.com/mp/hW7RDYz-wWnx.jpg" title="ikea" alt="IKEA's Design Manager's Favorite Product Is So Surprising" /></div> <div class="below attribution">Courtesy of IKEA.</div> </div> </div> <p>We all love IKEA and have a particular piece that&nbsp;pulls at our design heartstrings. But do you ever wonder what the top design chief would choose as his&nbsp;favorite product of all time? In a recent interview with <a href="http://www.businessinsider.com/best-ikea-product-of-all-time-2017-2">Business Insider</a>, Marcus Engman, the company's design manager, revealed his pick and it is&nbsp;<em>so&nbsp;</em>not what we would expect. His fave? The <a href="http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/S09010617/#/S09010617">Klippan loveseat</a>.</p> <p>Not only does Engman like the loveseat for its simple design and ability to&nbsp;easily switch around its upholstery, but he also has a personal tie to the product. His father, Lars Engman, designed the product in the late '70s. "I remember when he brought it home for tests, and he asked me and my sister what we thought of it," Engman said to Business Insider. "I have a lot of fond memories with that sofa, and I'm glad that it has survived for so long."</p> <div class="widget imagewidgetmain w60 mceNonEditable" data-widget-guid="m9Ul4ZRCwfo" data-widget-edit-url="/widgets/image_widget" data-widget-modal="true" data-widget-type="image_widget"> <div> <div class="image-and-info-box" data-guid="m9Ul4ZRCwfo"><img src="http://www3.pictures.lonny.com/mp/Do5tvybhEApx.jpg" title="life" alt="IKEA's Design Manager's Favorite Product Is So Surprising" /></div> <div class="below attribution">Courtesy of IKEA.</div> </div> </div> <p>Although the two-seater has changed up its design over the years (the original model had a wood frame), the Klippan has remained one of the most sold products out of IKEA's entire collection.&nbsp;Looks like the small space solution is here to stay.</p> <div class="widget imagewidgetmain w60 mceNonEditable" data-widget-guid="DLK226knrzN" data-widget-edit-url="/widgets/image_widget" data-widget-modal="true" data-widget-type="image_widget"> <div> <div class="image-and-info-box" data-guid="DLK226knrzN"><img src="http://www1.pictures.lonny.com/mp/Ci7CZPjVvGdx.jpg" title="klip" alt="IKEA's Design Manager's Favorite Product Is So Surprising" /></div> <div class="below attribution">Courtesy of IKEA.</div> </div> </div> <p></p> Tue, 14 Feb 2017 13:30:47 -0800 http://www.lonny.com/See+It+Now/articles/dn686Tf5Xtt/IKEA+Design+Manager+Favorite+Product+Surprising dn686Tf5Xtt Get The Rug Of Your Dreams In One Click <div class="widget imagewidgetmain w60 mceNonEditable" data-widget-guid="OPCn4goWSPL" data-widget-edit-url="/widgets/image_widget" data-widget-modal="true" data-widget-type="image_widget"> <div> <div class="image-and-info-box" data-guid="OPCn4goWSPL"><img src="http://www3.pictures.lonny.com/mp/3BZ699fyXc6x.jpg" title="rug" alt="Courtesy of The Rug Company." /></div> <div class="below">Courtesy of The Rug Company.</div> </div> </div> <p>There&rsquo;s something to be said about the discerning shopper. You know, the person who refuses to just waltz into a store and take the merchandise at face value. The person who wants a more enhanced experience.</p> <p>Well, <a href="http://www.therugcompany.com/us/">The Rug Company</a>&nbsp;is offering something for its customers that fit that bill. It just launched a new feature that takes rug shopping to the next level. It lets you take a classic design by luminaries like Kelly Wearstler or Alexander McQueen (72 customizable designs total) and switch it up by shape, fabric, and pattern &mdash; tailoring it to your specific preferences. <a href="https://www.therugcompany.com/us/customrugdesigner/">The tool</a>&nbsp;is available online and allows users to work with the designers in the showroom to get feedback on the process to create a piece they are 100% happy with and feels like<em> them</em>. &nbsp;It also allows folks to design from scratch as well, should that be the route they want to go.</p> <div class="widget imagewidgetmain w60 mceNonEditable" data-widget-guid="xLqloLtyXft" data-widget-edit-url="/widgets/image_widget" data-widget-modal="true" data-widget-type="image_widget"> <div> <div class="image-and-info-box" data-guid="xLqloLtyXft"><img src="http://www2.pictures.lonny.com/mp/KvmJ3H0dkcEx.jpg" title="rug" alt="Courtesy of The Rug Company." /></div> <div class="below">Courtesy of The Rug Company.</div> </div> </div> <p>&ldquo;We created this in response to the increasing demand we have for entirely unique and one-off designs,&rdquo; Christopher Sharp the co-founder of The Rug Company said in a statement. &ldquo;We have always encouraged our customers looking for something truly unique to explore the possibilities of rug design with our bespoke service and this digital service allows the client the freedom to change their design in shape, size, scale or color to suit their interior.&rdquo;</p> <p>Sure, there are a few tricks and tips <a href="/Everything+You+Need+To+Know+About+Going+Custom">to know</a>&nbsp;before you go the bespoke route, but if having a one-of-a-kind item is your cup of tea (and chances are, if you're reading this site, it is), you&rsquo;ve met your match. If anything, it will spawn some major design inspo.&nbsp;</p> <p></p> Tue, 14 Feb 2017 13:00:58 -0800 http://www.lonny.com/Scout+Out/articles/RfosXRJvbMp/Get+Rug+Dreams+One+Click RfosXRJvbMp How To Fold A Fitted Sheet <div class="widget imagewidgetmain w60" data-widget-guid="9HDEtvV3C9F" data-widget-edit-url="/widgets/image_widget" data-widget-modal="true" data-widget-type="image_widget"> <div> <div class="image-and-info-box" data-guid="9HDEtvV3C9F"><img src="http://www3.pictures.lonny.com/mp/smKgCXWWpQqx.jpg" title="bed" alt="How To Fold A Fitted Sheet" /></div> <div class="below attribution">Photographed by Julia Robbs.</div> </div> </div> <p>Folding a fitted sheet is one of those impossible tasks that you can never get just right. Sure, it's easy to haphazardly divide it&nbsp;into eighths with awkward bulges that will most likely turn into wrinkles. But it you want to actually fold it in a crisp clean way that you could put up on a shelf, we recommend turning to the experts of <a href="https://www.youtube.com/">YouTube</a>.</p> <p>To help you crack the technique, found three how-to videos that each have their own method&nbsp;how to fold a fitted sheet in a snap. Check out the videos below and find your favorite way to get your linens in line.</p> <h3 class="article_heading pine">Option 1<br /><br /></h3> <div class="widget html-widget w60" data-widget-guid="4_GJi4ekpXa" data-widget-edit-url="/widgets/html_widget" data-widget-modal="true" data-widget-type="html_widget"><iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/4nvW8auFCIE" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe></div> <h3 class="article_heading pine">Option 2<br /><br /></h3> <div class="widget html-widget w60" data-widget-guid="oNvkYl5YOhA" data-widget-edit-url="/widgets/html_widget" data-widget-modal="true" data-widget-type="html_widget"><iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/sRpOKVgzGzM" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe></div> <h3 class="article_heading pine">Option 3</h3> <div class="widget html-widget w60" data-widget-guid="qTeeRktRsGE" data-widget-edit-url="/widgets/html_widget" data-widget-modal="true" data-widget-type="html_widget"><iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/xZsCCQzok7Q" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe></div> <p></p> Mon, 13 Feb 2017 15:50:33 -0800 http://www.lonny.com/Decorating/articles/7ZPnNvuxzSc/How+To+Fold+A+Fitted+Sheet 7ZPnNvuxzSc DIY to Try: Watercolor-Effect Marshmallows <div class="widget imagewidgetmain w60 mceNonEditable" data-widget-guid="tLqtlK28cwq" data-widget-edit-url="/widgets/image_widget" data-widget-modal="true" data-widget-type="image_widget"> <div> <div class="image-and-info-box" data-guid="tLqtlK28cwq"><img src="http://www2.pictures.lonny.com/mp/waayrTnDSNEx.jpg" title="DIY image" alt="Courtesy of Idle Wife." /></div> <div class="below"><em>Courtesy of Idle Wife.</em></div> </div> </div> <p>There are easy DIYs and then there <em>easy</em> DIYs. We&rsquo;re talking projects so ridiculously simple, even the craft-phobes could get on board. This watercolor-effect marshmallow project, found in the archives of <a href="http://idlewife.blogspot.ca/2013/02/friday-fixation-colour-dipped.html">Idle Wife</a>, definitely falls in the latter category.</p> <p>The color-coated marshmallows would make a pretty touch for Valentine&rsquo;s Day and again for Easter. In fact, they could easily be adapted to just about any holiday or festivity &mdash; all you&rsquo;d need to do is switch up the hues. Fire up the hot chocolate and head to <a href="http://idlewife.blogspot.ca/2013/02/friday-fixation-colour-dipped.html">Idle Wife</a>&nbsp;for instructions. And when you do, we suggest reading the comments, too. The DIY is lovely&nbsp;as-is, but the readers also offer some seriously clever ways to adapt the results.</p> <div class="widget imagewidgetmain w60 mceNonEditable" data-widget-guid="YpxWJosPDHH" data-widget-edit-url="/widgets/image_widget" data-widget-modal="true" data-widget-type="image_widget"> <div> <div class="image-and-info-box" data-guid="YpxWJosPDHH"><img src="http://www4.pictures.lonny.com/mp/Ye8mD38XT5Wx.jpg" title="DIY image" alt="Courtesy of Idle Wife." /></div> <div class="below"><em>Courtesy of Idle Wife.</em></div> </div> </div> <p></p> Fri, 10 Feb 2017 20:42:12 -0800 http://www.lonny.com/Do-It-Yourself+Projects/articles/01IcTf5OHmp/DIY+Try+Watercolor+Effect+Marshmallows 01IcTf5OHmp Pinterest Board of the Week: Stills <div class="widget imagewidgetmain w60 mceNonEditable" data-widget-guid="BN6wXqy-yRQ" data-widget-edit-url="/widgets/image_widget" data-widget-modal="true" data-widget-type="image_widget"> <div> <div class="image-and-info-box" data-guid="BN6wXqy-yRQ"><img src="http://www1.pictures.lonny.com/mp/GoAkJgmnGm-x.jpg" title="Pinterest image" alt="via Pinterest/Nicole Franzen." /></div> <div class="below"><em>via Pinterest/Nicole Franzen.</em></div> </div> </div> <p>We will never tire of studying the art of the vignette. For a crash course on arranging items just-so, turn your attention to Pinterest board &ldquo;<a href="https://www.pinterest.com/nicolefranzen/stills/">Stills</a>&rdquo; curated by photographer <a href="http://www.nicolefranzen.com/">Nicole Franzen</a>. From a window sill that looks&nbsp;like a modern art installation to an antique-y dresser setup to an artful linen cabinet and much more, the board contains 609 photos that show just how dreamy well-styled arrangements of objects can be.</p> <div class="widget imagewidgetmain w60 mceNonEditable" data-widget-guid="iUgm96oZFcX" data-widget-edit-url="/widgets/image_widget" data-widget-modal="true" data-widget-type="image_widget"> <div> <div class="image-and-info-box" data-guid="iUgm96oZFcX"><img src="http://www2.pictures.lonny.com/mp/qQH6QBLTGOsx.jpg" title="Pinterest image" alt="via Pinterest/Nicole Franzen." /></div> <div class="below"><em>via Pinterest/Nicole Franzen.</em></div> </div> </div> <p>The inspiration contained in the board is certainly beautiful, but since each image hones in on just one still life or surface, it also feels attainable and not at all overwhelming. So, <a href="https://www.pinterest.com/nicolefranzen/stills/">scroll away</a>&nbsp;&mdash; and feel free to use your newfound knowledge to beautify every cabinet and counter of your space.</p> <div class="widget imagewidgetmain w60 mceNonEditable" data-widget-guid="gBSL-NbS0T0" data-widget-edit-url="/widgets/image_widget" data-widget-modal="true" data-widget-type="image_widget"> <div> <div class="image-and-info-box" data-guid="gBSL-NbS0T0"><img src="http://www3.pictures.lonny.com/mp/N9J9T2iLNg1x.jpg" title="Pinterest image" alt="via Pinterest/Nicole Franzen." /></div> <div class="below"><em>via Pinterest/Nicole Franzen.</em></div> </div> </div> <p></p> Thu, 9 Feb 2017 14:20:54 -0800 http://www.lonny.com/Decorating/articles/1c4K9WM-NB_/Pinterest+Board+Week+Stills 1c4K9WM-NB_ Reign Disick's Nursery Is Fit For Royalty <div class="widget imagewidgetmain w60" data-widget-guid="H4SOgxN5L1m" data-widget-edit-url="/widgets/image_widget" data-widget-modal="true" data-widget-type="image_widget"> <div> <div class="image-and-info-box" data-guid="H4SOgxN5L1m"><img src="http://www2.pictures.lonny.com/mp/abD6qxwH5-_x.jpg" title="1" alt="Reign Disick's Nursery Is Fit For Royalty" /></div> <div class="below attribution">Courtesy of Kourt.</div> </div> </div> <p>When Kourtney Kardashian (aka the most interior-design savvy of the famous family) is your mom, you can expect a nursery fit for a little lord. The reality star recently shared the room on <a href="https://www.kourtneykardashian.com/living/633-kourtney-kardashian-see-reigns-bedroom-home/">her app</a>&nbsp;and we can't get enough. Two-year-old Reign's gorgeous light-filled room&nbsp;has&nbsp;a seriously adorable&nbsp;gender neutral d&eacute;cor scheme&nbsp;with light fabrics in creams, soft browns, and grays.</p> <p>Our inner toddler is totally jealous of his cozy elephant rocking chair and large stuffed lion, while our present-day adult is lusting after that fuzzy rug, a hand-me-down from older brother Mason's old nursery. Another plus that Kourtney probably loves? Thick blackout curtains&nbsp;to create a perfect environment for nap time.</p> <div class="widget imagewidgetmain w60 mceNonEditable" data-widget-guid="VMINm2_VhlA" data-widget-edit-url="/widgets/image_widget" data-widget-modal="true" data-widget-type="image_widget"> <div> <div class="image-and-info-box" data-guid="VMINm2_VhlA"><img src="http://www2.pictures.lonny.com/mp/CW_68Fm8DLFx.jpg" title="2" alt="Reign Disick's Nursery Is Fit For Royalty" /></div> <div class="below attribution">Courtesy of Kourt.</div> </div> </div> <p>One of the best features in the space is a deep-set daybed. On her app, Kourtney Kardashian said, "I love having a daybed in this space so I can sleep here when Reign is sick or needs me." She added,"I slept in his room the first three months of his life (most nights with Mason and Penelope in the room, too), so a full-size daybed is amazing." To be honest, we wouldn't mind sleeping in that luxe bed year-round.</p> Thu, 9 Feb 2017 12:40:50 -0800 http://www.lonny.com/Celebrity+Home/articles/bQv8CUedjSc/Reign+Disick+Nursery+Fit+Royalty bQv8CUedjSc Tour Lena Dunham's Cute L.A. Home In Vogue's 73 Questions Video <div class="widget imagewidgetmain w60 mceNonEditable" data-widget-guid="P6XvfB_Ahhf" data-widget-edit-url="/widgets/image_widget" data-widget-modal="true" data-widget-type="image_widget"> <div> <div class="image-and-info-box" data-guid="P6XvfB_Ahhf"><img src="http://www2.pictures.lonny.com/mp/dBK1NEknW2Ix.jpg" title="lena" alt="Tour Lena Dunham's Cute L.A. Home In Vogue's 73 Questions Video" /></div> <div class="below attribution">Courtesy of Youtube.</div> </div> </div> <p>Lena Dunham, aka the powerhouse writer, director, actress behind HBO's&nbsp;<em>Girls</em> and <a href="http://www.lennyletter.com/">Lenny Letter</a>, just gave <em>Vogue</em>&nbsp;a tour of her L.A. home and we could not be more in love. The cute one-story apartment is filled with colorful panels, has an&nbsp;<em>entire&nbsp;</em>room dedicated to feminist art, a closet office, and a lofted guest house that we would fully volunteer to stay in.</p> <p>Not only does Dunham reveal the details behind her home's design, but she also dishes about her co-stars, her boyfriend Jack Antonoff, and what she would do in a day spent with&nbsp;<em></em>Hillary Clinton. There are also, surprisingly, a lot of poodles. Take a view and see for yourself.<br /><br /></p> <div class="widget html-widget w60 mceNonEditable" data-widget-guid="10G945oSVCs" data-widget-edit-url="/widgets/html_widget" data-widget-modal="true" data-widget-type="html_widget"><iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/552vc2FHhNE" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe></div> <p></p> Tue, 7 Feb 2017 15:57:56 -0800 http://www.lonny.com/Celebrity+Home/articles/z0ql55Om5x3/Tour+Lena+Dunham+Cute+L+Home+Vogue+73+Questions z0ql55Om5x3