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10 Small Design Companies We're Obsessing Over Now

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The predicament of endlessly searching for the perfect item — an ideal gift, a new sofa, or anything in between — is one that plagues us often. No matter how frivolous the item may be, we find comfort in knowing we're investing in the best one out there. Here's a mental checklist we use to narrow down a search: something that nobody else has, is neat by design, and is highly functional. In short, we set ourselves up for an everlasting deep-dive into the internet. 

Still, despite plenty of wasted time meandering Etsy, the laborious task of sifting and searching typically pays off. The prize? Finding unique pieces that are really cool. Read ahead for the small shops, brands, and designers we have our eyes on right now. From independent ceramicists to a Nordic design studio, these creators get good craftsmanship.