Courtesy of Emma Beryl Design.
Not Mixing Up Your Lighting
“Lighting is such an important part of setting a mood in a space,” shares Beryl. “A successful lighting plan gives you flexibility in the type of lighting experience you want to have in a space at any given time. For example, sometimes you will want overhead lights to clean a space or to do work in it, while other times in the same space you’ll want to keep the overhead lights off and relax with the soft glow from a table lamp or candle.” This cool living room shows us that lights can be used in all different corners of your home.

“One trick that I like to use is to have lights on different planes of a space so that you can adjust to your needs. Having an overhead light as well as a table lamp, floor lamp, and candles gives you ultimate control over the mood you want to set. Also, always add dimmers to your lights if given the chance!”