Photographed by Matt Bellassai for Emma Beryl Design.
Using A Small Living Room Rug
“One of the most common design mistakes that I see is people using rugs that are too small for their space,” shares Emma Beryl of Emma Beryl Design. “Ideally a rug will completely frame the furniture in a room, but at a minimum, it should be able to have the front two legs of your sofa sit on it, as well as your side tables (width-wise). It should also reach all the way across the room so any accent furniture that is opposite the sofa is on the area rug as well.”

“If you have a special rug that you want to use but doesn’t allow you to lay your furniture out on it correctly, you can layer a neutral one underneath it. This way you still get to use your statement piece, but you can play with the proportions of the neutral under-laying option to make sure that it fits the room correctly. It’s kind of a similar idea to using a large mat around an important piece of artwork.”