Courtesy of Emma Beryl Design.
Hanging Small Art On A Large Wall
“No matter how beautiful your artwork is, it will not be showcased to its full potential if it’s getting lost on your big blank walls,” explains Beryl. “As a good rule of thumb, artwork should be between two thirds to three quarters of the size of a piece of furniture that it’s being hung above (think the width of a sofa or a bed).”

“Alternatively, if you want to use smaller art pieces on a wall you can use multiple pieces to create a gallery wall,” she says. “A gallery wall is a good way to make a statement without committing to one piece of art. In this case, the same proportions apply — you’ll just want to reach this width with multiple pieces instead of one. If you are hanging art on a wall that doesn’t have furniture against it you should make sure that the art takes up just over half of the wall.”