Photo: Via Le Creuset.
Declutter Pots And Pans
"Unless you have a huge professional range in your kitchen, you will never be able to cook with more than 4 pots or pans at a time. So take a serious look at your collection of pots and pans and edit out any that you don’t absolutely love or use."

"Ditch the pans with peeling non-stick coating or those pots you’ve never cooked in but held onto because they are ‘part of a set.’ Keep your cast iron pan and a heavy dutch-oven to pan roast steak and braise slow cooking dishes. Add one to two stainless steel sauté pans for omelets and stir-fry. Pick two to three pots including one super large pot for boiling stocks, potatoes, pasta, soups and sauces. And voila, you have five to seven cooking vessels you’ll use all the time. If you have extra room on your shelves, add a small sauce pot for heating milk and boiling eggs. And if you love grilling, a cast iron grill pan or combo griddle/grill pan will be more than you’ll ever need. oh, and when in doubt, always pick pots and pans with metal handles - those can go straight from the stove into the oven like you’ve seen on TV."