Photo: Courtesy of BlissHaus.
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Move Spices Into Drawer
"This last tip is a huge game-changer, but many folks get worried about freeing up that junk-drawer, so we saved this one for last. Are you ready? Yes? Then get out a shoe box, dump in all the junk drawer contents for you to sort later and then — move all your spices into the drawer."

"Spices add pizzazz to your dishes, but if you are like most of us, chances are your spices are a medley of jars and tins stacked five rows deep on a shelf near your stove. This makes finding the spice you need in the heat of your cooking less than glamourous. Solve this problem by declaring a drawer to be the space for all your spices. It’s worth it, not only do these precious herbs cost more ounce-by-ounce than anything else in your kitchen, but you will also be able to pull the drawer open and glance at it and easily find what you are looking for. Tip: lay jars flat so you can see their contents or get our favorite, pre-labeled tins from Blisshaus."

"You can also just get a sharpie and label the top of your standard grocery store jar, if your drawer is deep enough."