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10 Ways To Go Maximalist – Without Going Insane

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Designed by Briana Gagnier.
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When done right, a maximalist-designed home can bring its guests aesthetic excitement and, well, pure joy. The colors flow perfectly and the plethora of beauty and detail are enough to trigger serious design endorphins. In fact, sometimes we even prefer an unable-to-replicate maximalist room to a minimalist one. It can be that good. 

However, when done wrong, the overhaul of patterns and prints feels stressful, cluttered, and very overwhelming. Simply put, there's no in-between. 

Because we've always dreamed of curating a maximalist masterpiece, we rounded up 10 examples of perfect finds to contribute to a pleasing vision of prints rather than a scary meltdown of extra. Read for a brief education on maximalism at its best.