Photographed by Maria Del Rio for Lonny.
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Pink is officially the “it” palette of the moment. As chronicled in astute detail by New York Magazine’s The Cut, the color that "used to be so Malibu Barbie" and other hyper-girly products many millennials were discouraged from embracing in our youth has undergone a massive reinvention.

But, the new range of pinks are decidedly moodier, from dusky tones to muted variations of blush and salmon. They’re sophisticated. They’re embraced by in-the-know brands. They’re the cool kids on the color block. And. They’re. Everywhere.

So in honor of the color’s newfound glory, here we present our own deep-dive into the trend. Forget 50 Shades Of Grey—here’s a collection of covetable items in the most hot-to-trot 15 shades of blush on all our radars.