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15 Ways To Make A Small Bathroom Pop

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Photographed by Julia Sperling for Lonny.
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Let’s be honest — toilets and toilet paper, while utterly necessary, are also some of the more unsexy items in the home. These functional fixtures can make the bathroom a tough space to prettify to begin with, but the challenge is all the more difficult when the room is super small.

Nevertheless, as the experts at Katie Martinez Design show us, when the square footage gets tough, the tough get creative. Ahead, the decor pros share all sorts of tips for bringing "wow" factor to a tiny bathroom.

The first step? See your small commode as an opportunity to take some risks. “Smaller is better so you can really go crazy,” Katie says. “I wouldn’t ever do something as crazy in a living room as I would in a bathroom.” Get excited — 15 ways to make a petite bathroom feel chic and special coming right up.