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8 Celebrities With Next-Level Design Taste

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Designed by Briana Gagnier.
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It's no secret that we love peeking inside celebrity's homes. Over time, we've come to learn that each star featured has a unique approach to design, and if we're being honest, some celebrities have way better design styles than others. Just sayin'.

In fact, we're downright impressed with some of the sleek finishes and mid-century touches inside these incredible houses. 

To find out which celebrities truly have an eye for design, we went through every celebrity home tour in our archives and handpicked the best ones we've seen yet. Most of our top celeb homes are in the Hollywood Hills, competed with cool, Californian details and tons of natural light. Between Julia Roberts' minimalist kitchen to Ellen Degeneres' new sprawling estate, we're floored by the following homes. Read ahead to see them all.