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25 Modernized Motels That Are Having A Moment

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Courtesy of The Drifter.
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In the 1950s, when motor tourism was all the rage, no-frills roadside motels reigned supreme. However, it’s safe to say that since then, travelers' expectations have changed. Now, where you stay has become as much as the vacation as the destination itself. Big, chain hotels certainly serve their purpose, but for the adventurer who’s looking for a bit of personality in their accommodations, renovated motels are where it’s at.

In these updated spaces scattered across the country, you’ll find more than just a place to stay the night, rather an experience all in its own. Thanks to their thoughtfully curated decor, well-designed layouts, and personalized touches from local artisans, these Instagram-worthy destinations feel like home. Start reading and get some inspiration for your next vacay with these 25 beautifully updated motels.