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25 Spots To Visit In Puerto Rico Right Now

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Courtesy of Condado Vanderbilt.
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What’s not to love about the Caribbean islands? Puerto Rico, despite the recent arrival of Hurricane Maria, is lush with vegetation and exquisite beaches that change by the mile. From Rincon, a surfing mecca with wildly beautiful beaches, to the pristine white sands and clear blue waters of Culebra, this island is replete with natural wonders, wonderful places to stay, and things to see.

Most of all, for those that spend all year waiting to soak up the summer sun, the waters are inviting, the rum cocktails are intoxicating (and plentiful), and relaxation is hard to avoid. From the people, to the music, to the island’s savory and burgeoning farm-to-table scene, this island will keep you coming back for more.