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25 Under-$200 Ways To Master Bohemian Decor

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Courtesy of Justina Blakeney.
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The bohemian home, as trendy as it may seem, is an aesthetic we've actually always aspired to master. From beachy bungalows to shaggy mountain homes, there's something extra warm and welcoming about this look. However, finding the right shearling throws that don't resemble the ones we had in our rooms as teenagers is no easy challenge. Plus, the actually good bohemian finds tend to sit way, way outside our price range. So how does one create a nomad-inspired home the right way? 

We've taken inspiration from some of our favorite boho-inspired brands, from The Citizenry to Lulu And Georgia to Urban Outfitters, to round up a few picks we're definitely adding to cart. Here are the finds that will make you feel like a bohemian princess, for less than $200.