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25 Ways To Fake Minimalism In Your Small Apartment

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Photographed by Ana Kamin.
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ICYMI, there’s a lot more to minimalism than muted color palettes and mid-century furniture. If you ask us, minimalism is a design state of mind.

Search “minimalist rooms” on Google and chances are you’ll be flooded with images of pristine, ridiculously organized spaces. No tchotchkes or clutter; everything has its place and looks Instagrammable 24/7.

Problem is, achieving that clean, minimalist look in your own home can be a challenge. Why? For starters, you have stuff — and lots of it. The plot thickens when you live in a teeny, tiny apartment and have nowhere to store it.

But what if we told you it doesn’t have to be that way? That it’s possible to have a small space and keep clutter to a minimum? To help keep your tiny apartment tidy, several organization experts share their tips for faking minimalism in your home.