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25 Ways To Fake Minimalism In Your Small Apartment

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Photographed by Nicki Sebastian.
An Editor's Eye

"Look at pictures of apartments that seem streamlined and minimal: they don’t have a lot of things on the wall, very few knickknacks, and all the stuff used in daily living is hidden away," says Karin Socci, founder of Serene Home. "In order to achieve that, you have to take a hard look at what you are really, honestly using."

"We use 20 percent of our stuff 80 percent of the time. That means that most of our things are just taking up space," she explains. "If you really cannot let things go or you are unsure whether you might need something, take a few big boxes, put in all the things you rarely use, tape them up, and wait three months. Whatever you had to take out of the box stays, anything you didn’t need in three months, you can safely donate, discard or sell."