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3 Foraged Wreath DIYs To Deck The Halls

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Photographed by Anna-Alexia Basile for Lonny; Styling by Laura Seymour.
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These days, the wreaths we’re coveting are not so much ornate, prim and proper as they are effortless and understated. So rather than opting for an overly manicured store-bought option, why not try your hand at a foraged wreath instead? Not only are they more modern than anything you’ll find at a typical big-box shop, they’re also (nearly) free.

Here florist Laura Seymour, owner of The Wild Ones, shows us the way. Using materials from her own backyard, plus a few items she picked up while roaming the city, she put together three simple yet incredibly creative designs. So, get ready to head out into nature and get crafty with what you find — instructions for unexpected, artfully rustic wreaths, right ahead.