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6 Pieces You'll Never Believe Are From Walmart

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Courtesy of Walmart.
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While the concept of peppering your home with a combination of high-end investments and slightly more accessible bargain buys is hardly revolutionary, we must admit, when Walmart announced the release of MoDRN — an online-only, in-house brand featuring more than 650 on-trend pieces for your home — eyebrows were raised.

Broken down by three distinct collections, including Retro Glam, Refined Industrial, and Scandinavian Minimal, some may find it hard to believe that everything in this round-up is indeed from the juggernaut retailer. With accessible pricing that ranges from $20 for the copper-toned barware, through to $899 for a Scandi-style sofa, we have to admit, if we didn't know any better, we probably wouldn't believe us either. Here are six pieces from the spring collection that you'll never believe are from Walmart (even though they are, honestly).