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7 Space-Saving Tips For Tiny Apartments

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Jude Fulton.
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The struggles of small-space living are real. Double-duty furniture, creative work-arounds, tricky storage solutions — you name it, there isn’t a tiny apartment that hasn’t tried it. So, when MakeTrays founder (a start-up that specializes in fast, online mood boards) Jude Fulton moved into a teeny San Francisco apartment (700 feet to be exact!) with her husband Christiaan (and pooch George), she knew she had resourceful info to share.

The RISD grad moved in with only two suitcases, and knew she wanted an apartment that was just as streamlined and reflected her minimalist lifestyle. Enter, a pad that is jam-packed with genius solutions and lucky for you Fulton has outlined her intel — from custom furniture to lofted bed tricks — ahead. Your apartment just got way more spacious.