Courtesy of Ghislaine Viñas.
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In a time when neutral colors, clean lines, and mid-century everything are all the rage, having a bold, maximalist aesthetic feels like the design road less taken. Simply put, experimenting with colors, patterns, and textures takes a lot of guts. Still, there’s something cool about sticking to your aesthetic, no matter where the latest trends try to take you.

Maximalists are known for their “more is more” mentality, but a love for excess probably didn’t happen overnight. So, in honor of “Be Bold” month, we asked eight of our favorite maximalists about how they found their bold eye for design.

Their answers may surprise you. Some maximalists were inspired by their ancestors, while others grew to love excess through their studies. One of them even honed in on her penchant for color during a spiritual journey. But no matter the person, all of these stories are incredibly inspiring. Who knows? They might even convince you to trade in your minimalist ways for a brighter, bolder future.