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A Creative Director's Modern-Meets-Global Beach House

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Photographed by Heidi's Bridge.
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When a brand infuses both social good and a gorgeous aesthetic into its products, we’re big fans. And, such is the case with Indego Africa, a thoughtful non-profit that touts globally inspired home décor, accessories, and kids’ goodies that are ethically produced by women in Rwanda and Ghana.

A large part of the look and feel for the stand-out selection is thanks to creative director Deirdre King. We kind of knew it was a given that King would have a pad just as stylish and approachable as the brand itself — so we tracked her down in her airy beach home in New Jersey to give us the scoop.

We caught up with her on how she infuses her work, instills the essence of an endless summer, and ultimately unearths a calmness amid busy family life into her space.

Photography and styling by Heidi's Bridge.