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A Delightfully Modern Malibu Beach House

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Photographed by Amy Bartlam for Lonny.
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Imagine a beach house. Visions of rope, stripes, and other nautical paraphernalia most likely come to mind. While kitsch can be fun, Natalie Myers of Veneer Designs decided to take a different approach to the aesthetic for a project in Malibu.

"Malibu has a refined and polished beach style that the smaller house deserved as well," says Myers. "I broke down the basic elements of what created a beach house look — white washed walls, white linen, woven rattan, weathered grey toned woods — and looked for more modern style furnishings and fixtures offered in those hues and materials."

Filled with gorgeous tile and incredible pendants, the home is truly an example of how we should do beach house style in 2017. Click through and explore the stylish coastal abode.