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A Designer's Home That Takes Wallpaper To The Next Level

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Photographed by Sean Litchfield for Lonny.
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As a designer, you’d think decorating your own place would be a breeze. Well, according to Boston-based designer Cecilia Casagrande it actually is — well kind of.

“I find it easier and more difficult,” Casagrande tells Lonny. “It is easier because I can choose what I like but more difficult because I know of all the amazing choices and I sometimes get overwhelmed.”

When Casagrande set out to design her 11-room home, the options may have been dizzying but she certainly landed on a look that feels both eccentric and cohesive.

Inspired by her time spent across the pond, Casagrande set out to evoke the feelings of a London townhouse. “I found lots of dark moody colors, eclectic lighting, a great mix of modern and antique items — then added lots of plants, warm textures, and funky art.”

Styled by Kaylei McGaw.