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A French Blogger's Effortless and Eclectic Home

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Photographed by Ana Kamin for Lonny.
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Many of the furnishings in the home, like the wood dining table, have traveled with Si from city to city and country to country as she moved.

She grew up in Rabat, Morroco and her own studies, plus her husband's work, have taken her to Paris, Provence, North Carolina and since 2013, San Francisco.

“When we moved to the U.S., I quit my job in marketing in France and since my girls did not speak one word of English and my husband was traveling extensively, I decided to take a break from work to be more available to my kids while we were settling in North Carolina," Si says.

She quickly got bored at home, so she created an Etsy shop selling vintage items, plus a blog to go with it. But soon, the blog picked up and she closed the shop to concentrate fully on French By Design.