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A French Blogger's Effortless and Eclectic Home

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Photographed by Ana Kamin for Lonny.
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A combination of French effortlessness, Moroccan flair, Southern charm, and Cali boho — such is the incredibly chic style of blogger Si Mazouz, both on her popular design site, French By Design, and in her own home.

While the points of view may sound too good (and perfectly curated) to be true, in fact, they are almost all rooted in personal experience. French girl Si has lived in a fairy-tale-like string of locales: Morocco, France, and stateside in both North Carolina and her current home of San Francisco.

Dotted with treasures from each place, including a rug from the souks of Morocco and a quilt from a farmers’ market in Provence, Si’s abode is every bit as dreamy as you’d expect. What we didn’t expect is, it’s also filled with one-of-a-kind pieces Si built or dyed herself — she’s quite the design-dabbling Renaissance woman!

Here, Si shows us around the space she shares with her husband, daughters and lovable and oft-Instagrammed dog Daisy, and gives us a teaser on her just-announced book deal. All the more special? This tour is something of a “bon voyage” to her home — she and her family move to a new neighborhood by the end of March 2017!