Photographed by Amy Bartlam for Lonny.
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Whether it's through communication or the way we source belongings or fare, transparency is something many of us strive to achieve. 

But, for creatives Jenna Barnet and Stephen Butler the notion of transparency — both physical and emotional — is the key to a happy home.

Having a light-filled house that felt like it blended “European sensibility with an authentic Californian vibe” was what they asked for and exactly what they received.

Designer Kim Gordon — who prides herself on creating properties with a story and often strips structures down to their bones — played an active hand in making that happen for the Venice-based couple by ideating and executing the home’s design from the ground up.

“My intention was to create a loving place for the family,” Gordon tells Lonny. “The neighborhood is close to the beach and to Abbot Kinney, so you get a real Venice lifestyle. She even put the finishing touches on the staircase and the vanities herself, blow torch in hand.

The house is truly unlike anything we’ve seen with an unexpected style that blends surprise touches (like a towering chandelier in the kitchen) with inviting, family friendly finishes and hang-out areas. Top that with a museum-quality art collection — and you've got yourself one very good-looking and lively residence.