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A Los Angeles Home That Is The Epitome Of Laid-Back Luxe

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Photographed by Stephen Busken.
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You know those spaces that seem to expertly fuse high-style, functionality, and family living? Well, designer Shannon Wollack of Studio Life. Style’s home is that in spades.

The founder of the Los Angeles-based design firm mixes fine furnishings with breezy, laid-back pieces for an abode that blends bold detailing with approachable elements. Wollack and her family of four have been in the house for about a year — they moved in after a short (but intense) round of renos that left them with a home that felt new and improved (and 1800 square feet larger with an upstairs, to boot). 

Not only did they add a substantial amount of space, but managed to meld the indoors and outdoors seamlessly, creating a cohesive gathering space around a stunning Japanese Elm tree in the courtyard. It goes without saying, you’re about to fall hard for this space.