Photographed by Jessie Webster for Lonny.
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What are some of your most prized items in the home?
"Our Brendan Ravenhill pendant light that we have over our kitchen island. We’re such huge fans of Brendan’s and were so excited when we were able to install one of his pieces in our home." Also, our beautiful kitchen table was made as a wedding present from a dear friend. We had had it installed at our previous home as a built in kitchen table, but we took it with us when we moved — replacing it with something similar. But, with less sentimental value, and commissioned a local metal worker to create the steels legs of the table. Our TV console was passed down to us from Lindsey’s aunt, and the piece originally belonged to Lindsey’s grandmother, who purchased it in the ‘60’s."

"We were thrilled to learn that the console has built in speakers (that still worked!) and a turntable with the original owners manual."